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May 4, 2007 03:50 PM

Vancouver, need an intimate dinning recommendation downtown

I Love Van.. and will be there for May long weekend. I always stumble across great eats when I'm there but I want a really outstanding place to take my partner to on the Tuesday evening following the long weekend. We love ethnic food especially Indian (been to Vij's and LOVED IT)) We will be staying downtown but will drive where ever to find a great meal. intimate is ideal... and I would love to find a place within walking distance from a nice martini lounge or win bar?

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  1. All of the West End and Yaletown are within walking distance of downtown.
    If you are looking for intimate,my vote would be to first go to Delilah's for drinks, the Parkside for dinner.Both are in the West End. Make a reservation and ask for table 10 otherwise known as the nook. It is a totally private table with a u shaped bench seating and curtains separating you from the main room.

    1. Lucy Mae Brown fits the bill for both a lounge and an intimate restaurant -

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        For a really romantic/intimate experience how about this: Martinis at Bachus (Wedgewood hotel)and then off to Villa Del Lupo for a superb italian meal. Can you get more intimate than that!

        If you fancy more of a west coast experience then C is a good alternative to Villa Del Lupo.