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cheapest grass fed beef?

I live in West LA- what is the cheapest source of grass fed beef? So far I've seen it at Whole Foods for about 9$ a pound.-no chemicals, organic, free range is good!

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  1. What cut? Ground beef? Filet Mignon?

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      Trader Joe's only has a few cuts but it's almost certainly the cheapest. The hamburger is good.

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        Yup. Got the TJ's Grass fed Angus beef patties last night for dinner. It was great! Had it with the TJ focacia (sp) buns, grilled onions, avocado, swiss cheese, etc. It's $6.99/lb. There were 4 patties and total was about 1.35 lbs.

        1. re: Pitchman

          I know it may not be grass fed, but the Costco Marina del Rey has organic ground beef for $3.99 per lb.

          1. re: luigisdad

            I'm mainly looking for ground beef but might be open to other cuts.

            1. re: Iateitup

              try open space meats. You can order online and it's less than Whole FOods, including shipping. They are located in the central valley area of Calif. Very tasty steaks. The ground beef was okay. I liked it, but my kids didn't like the texture. I may have cooked it too long.

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                    Yo Serv. Gelsons(Van nuys blvd. Sherman Oaks). I always hit up this Gelsons since, it is in my hood, a few times a week right when they open and cruise over to their discounted meats section. Just this morning that's where I found a nice grass-feed rib eye and two thick, gorgeous, prime fillet Mignon that are not grass-feed which, I prefer.

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                      Haha! I KNEW that's what I would get! I was feeling lazy and lounge-y this afternoon...=)

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                        also try getting meat from Organic Pastures (hub in Atwater on Saturdays or at SM farmers markets). They are a dairy that will slaughter a cow that doesn't produce or "accept" bulls. All cows are pasture fed.


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                        I love open space meats and have been ordering beef exclusively from them the past 6 months.

                        It's far superior to the grass fed meat you'll find at Whole Foods, Gelsons,Trader Joe's, etc and the price is very reasonable. You can buy a small 20lb sampler of ground beef, stew meat, roasts and steaks and the total cost comes out to $8/lb.

                        Keep in mind cooking grass fed beef is a little tricky at first since the meat is much leaner and cooks quicker than corn fed.

                        The link for organic pastures looks interesting as well and even better priced than open space meats. Might give them a try too.

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                I checked TJ's yesterday and the packaging read (something close to):100% vegetable diet Angus beef. Is that what's being referred to here? Corn is a vegetable. Or does TJ's also sell "Grass fed Angus beef" or 100% grass fed?

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                  100% vegetable feed means slightly higher quality without the nastiest but it doesn't mean grass fed.

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                      Grass fed means that the cow was fed grass only. Corn is not grass and the cow was not meant to eat it. The reason I want to eat grass fed is because the cows are humaneIy treated and allow to graze on pastures at will, instead of tied to a stall and forced fed antibiotics and grains that they were not meant to eat just to fatten them up and return a larger profit for the company. Also, when a cow grazes on grass, their fat is loaded with heart healthy Omega 3. think about it. fish eat green plankton and their fat is made of Omega 3. Cows, when they graze on green grass, their fat also has Omega 3s. I found grass fed cuts at Spouts. Rump roast, $5.99 lb, cross rib roast, $6.49 lb. Probably the cheapest in town. The meat is leaner and more tender. I actually cut a piece out of the cross rib roast, sliced it across the grain, marinaded and sauteed it. It was great.

                      1. re: cheuimay

                        This is not fully true. A piece of "grass fed" beef could actually be finished on grain. The USDA does not currently regulate the definition of "grass fed". The best way is to find a source where you can get to know the farmer producing your beef.

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                          I never asked the butcher at Sprouts whether the cow was finished on grain, but I did at Whole foods and they told me the ones labeled grass fed are 100% grass fed and the ones labeled natural were on grain the last 3 months. I'll have to ask the butchers a Sprouts their definition for grass fed the next time I go. How do you find out exactly if the store you're purchasing it from is selling 100% grass fed and if they are not, how do you find a farmer around Los Angeles that produces that?

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                            I'd approach it just like you did by asking the butchers if you're in a market like Whole Foods or Sprouts. Outside of that, I'd hit up your local farmer's market. The farmers ought to be very open to answering questions about their product.

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                              Unfortunately, there's no farmer selling dairy at the one I go to. Maybe I should try another one to see my options. I did find a great link on grass fed butter. http://www.marksdailyapple.com/grass-... and butter is one of the most important part of eating a grass fed diet because of the benefits of the fat. In this article, talks about getting Kerrygold for $2.69 at Trader Joe’s. It's not raw, but at least the Omegas are there. You can get raw pasture fed dairy from Organic pastures at many small health food stores around LA. Go to http://organicpastures.com/ for a location near you. They also have a hub sale every Saturday till 2:00 pm, where they offer ground beef also.

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                              Rainbow Ranch in Pinon Hills but you have to join as a member. They don't go to farmer's markets but there's a once a month pick up day and they do ship. I've also purchased from Hat Creek Grown and Open Space Meats.

                              Also check eatwild.com

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                                Thank you for the leads. I did call Sprouts and got an update on their organic beef. I found out that they get their grass fed meat from Uruguay and the animals are grass fed from birth till processing, but they only have limited cuts, so I may have to end up ordering from some of the sites that everyone suggested. Thanks!!!

                2. The best deal for any cut of grass fed beef is at Grassland Beef. They're online and have free shipping. I just looked and they have 75% lean ground beef for $5.62/lb and 87% lean for $6.71/lb (including shipping!). That's super cheap. I've ordered from them for about 2 years and have been really happy with them.

                  1. In my experience, the appeal varies a lot based on diet. We've had good luck from mail order from Eight 0'Clock Ranch. They are based in New York, so not local. Excellent quality and well priced.

                    Also, Slow Food Los Angeles is starting a meat share or CSA program. You can find details here: http://scmeat.ning.com/ and more information on their website www.slowfoodla.com.

                    1. Check out J&J Rangeland beef at the Pico and Cloverfield Farmer's market, or Culver City on Tuesday's from 2-7.

                      Great stuff, raised in CA, and 100% grass-fed. And family owned.

                      Also on Wed and Sat in Santa Monica on Arizona Ave is Rocky Canyon which is slightly more is expensive, but also delicioius.

                      1. why not order directly from a local farmer (in Paso Robles)? Coco Collelmo of Fair Oaks Ranch offers it at about $8 per lb.--you'll have to order in bulk (I think 1/8 of a steer is the smallest), but it's fun to come home to a freezer full of grass-fed beef! I started buying from Coco a few years ago to keep my husband from those "manager's special" steaks at Ralphs, and we've not looked back since. Coco makes regular deliveries to the LA area, too: www.forbeef.com

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                          I only eat grassfed beef and here's where I go:

                          - I second LibraryTom. J&& meat is really good. I always have a few pounds of their ground beef at home. I think it's $5/lb. I also like their flatiron steak a lot. It has great flavor and comes out nice and juicy and costs about $12/lb.
                          - I also enjoy Estancia beef which is raised in Uruguay and sold to some of the best restaurants in California. You can get it at Bob's Market in Santa Monica (Ribeye is 17/lb) or at the co-op in SM as well.
                          - The co-op in Santa Monica carries Estancia, Organic Pastures and a third brand which is certified organic grassfed. I think the co-op is a little bit more expensive but I like their smaller cuts (about 8-10ounces) sometimes.
                          - The last one I could think of for now is Lindner grassfed Bison meat. Their ground beef is great, makes for a tasty tartare. I think they go to the Saturday SM market and the Hollywood one but you may want to doublecheck first.

                          Someone asked about TJ's. Im actually pretty disappointed in them. THey used to carry grassfed beef but discontinued (for now) to sell it due to some quality issues w/ the supplier. And when packaging says "100% vegetable diet" that doesn't mean 100% grassfed.

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                            Anyone know if Lindner bison shows up at the Culver City farmer's market? (Or for that matter, where else available on the west side?

                            1. re: Cinnamon

                              I just sent them an email and got this in the reply.

                              LINDNER BISON
                              California Grassfed Bison® – Bringing them home!
                              661-254-0200, fax: 661-254-0224

                              Wed. - Santa Monica, 2nd & Arizona (one block south of Wilshire), 8-1:30p
                              Sat. - Santa Monica, 2nd & Arizona (one block south of Wilshire), 8-1p
                              Sat. - Torrance, 2200 Crenshaw & Jefferson (Chas. A. Wilson Park) 8-1p
                              Sun. - Long Beach Marina (2nd & Marina Drive) 9-1:30p
                              Sun. - Hollywood, Ivar & Selma (one block off Hollywood & Vine) 8-1p

                              1. re: cheuimay

                                Linder bison is actually a lot tastier than many grassfed beed sources.

                                Very nice people.

                        2. I won't buy supermarket grassfed beef, I just don't trust it. "Grassfed" can refer to many things other than 100% grassfed. That said, I buy from Organic Pastures at the HW Farmer's Market on sunday. It's super tasty and they sell steaks in the $7/lb range. I also buy from Lindner, but that's Bison and a little stronger tasting (which I like). The Healthy Family Farms stand is now selling beef as well. Then there's the farmer who's not always there but offers pork (some of the best I've had, better than Kurobuta) and beef. That's 4 places I know at the HW farmer's market that sell free range/grassfed/local beef or bison.

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                            I just thought I would add that I think that Lindner bison is tastier than an awful lot of grass fed beef. A lot of farmer's are still working on getting good breeds again to handle a pure grass fed diet.

                            1. re: JudiAU

                              I COMPLETELY agree, I'm just hesitant to recommend it wholeheartedly because to me, most people need to get weaned back to the flavor of real meat. What other people call "gamey" or "strong" I call "having flavor". One of my favorite things to make is a farmer's market burger with Bezians sourdough as the bun, a medium rare Lindner bison patty, cheese from Jersey Hill, a fried Healthy Family Farm's egg, some homemade aioli and just a small smear of good Dijon. I swear to god there's not a single burger in L.A. that's even in the same league...

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                                I make very similar burgers. Everyone who tried them thought they were some of the best burgers they've ever eaten. Grassfed bison or beef on top of a toasted wholegrain slice of bread, homemade aioli (i use grapeseed oil), some arugula and a little Dijon and Raw Gruyere cheese...

                          2. I've noticed that a lot of the ground beef at the local supermarkets, including Trader Joes and Costco, will say the following:

                            Product of USA, Canada, Australia, and/or (one more country which I can't remember)

                            The thought of all that meat from all over the world (!!! "and/or" !!!) really irked me considering that even at TJ's and even the Organic ground beef at Costco has the description above.

                            So, buyer beware, even if you want a piece of conventional corn feed beef, have them grind a steak or two in front of you so you know what you're eating.

                            1. Lindner Bison makes a terrific hamburger! (I buy the bulk ground meat, not the preformed patties.) My brother-in-law always eats his rare and says its the best burger he's ever had.

                              Kathy is at the Hollywood Farmers Market on Sundays.

                              1. I don't think anyone would associate Lindy and Grundy with the word "cheapest" but I was surprised to notice the last time I was their that ground beef had dropped to $7/pd.

                                1. What Whole Foods did you find that was $9 per LB? I have never seen that before. I see grass fed beef in 29+ range. Does it taste good, decent or you get what you pay for type of deal?

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                                    I assume OP is talking about ground beef in the original post. But WF generally has a variety of cuts in the $8-15 price range. Fancy steaks and whatnot are more.

                                  2. If you are buying beef labeled "organic ground beef", you are not getting beef that was 100% grass fed and finished. The organic label simply means that the cattle were fed grain that is organic. A natural label does not mean 100% grass-fed and finished either. See www.eatwild.com for good definitions and resources for 100% grass fed. TJ's certainly carries both grass finished and angus organic which is not grass finished. Most of their grass fed beef is imported from New Zealand or Australia.