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May 4, 2007 03:31 PM

No Ho Yum Yum spots? BESIDES Wat Thai?

What are all the chow ish spots in the No Ho area...BESIDES Wat Thai?

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  1. Well, it may not be totally chowish, but our favorite spot in North Hollywood is Little Toni's. Been open forever, decent crispy crust pizzas, big red sauce pasta dishes. Retro vibe.

    Many others might recommend all the Thai places: Krua Thai, Swan, Sunshine, Sri Siam are the main 4 that come to mind. I have limited experience, I'm still training husband to eat Thai food and it's slow going. Watch for peanuts!

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      Skaf's, Laurel Canyon and Oxnard.
      Las Quenas, Sherman Way and Bellaire.
      Vallarta Market (for carnitas -- YUM), Victory and Ethel.

    2. I don't know about dinner but, for a really 'stuffed' feeling at lunch try Nanay Gloria's Kitchen, a small Philippino place on the NE corner of Sherman Way and Coldwater. For about $4 and change you get a huge styro tray of white rice and your choice of 2 meat dishes. Their skewered pork or chicken is superb but sells out fast.

      1. Krua Thai has many great dishes, 'Pad Thai Krua Thai' ordered spicy is usually great, the only Pad Thai that I like in L.A. The 4-Flavors Fish, also ordered spicy, is also really good. Everything at Sri Siam is good, except I coulden't handle the warm Durian Desert, warm pieces of fruit in a very loose warm custard - blah! I had a good Country Curry with nuclear heat at Bua Siam, a nice quiet little place.

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          Yes! I second Sri Siam. Here's a report of my recent visit.

          I don't think we had anything with nuts in it, and they seemed very accomodating if you need to discuss it with them.

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            Sri Siam has been my favorite Thai restaurant for years! I like the Pad Kee Mao that you mention trying on your blog but there are many good choices. The old L.A. Times article on the wall mentions a steak served on a wooden plank that is not on the menu which is very good. The Crab Rangoon is reasonable and tasty. The Catfish Curry and the Duck Curry are very good as are some of the desserts (except the warm durian dessert)! Salads are usually good, the one with shrimp and also the one with grilled beef. Catfish Larb is wonderful when ordered pet pet or pet ma, but when I had to order it mild for my guests; well it tasted like bad catfood! Lots of spice will make you feel nice!

        2. Eclectic Cafe on Lankershim just south of Magnolia, east side of the street. Steak Joynt which makes fair steaks but a great chopped salad with roquefort, also on Lankershim near Moorpark.

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