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Pinkberry coming to Westlake Village

Ok, i think this qualifies as a good rumor but i heard from a friend in the know at Pinkberry and they said there was going to be Pinkberry opening next to the Trader Joes at the North Ranch shopping center on Thousand Oaks Blvd.
They also said there was going to be one at the Topanga Mall.
What, a Pinkberry with plenty of parking and welcoming neighbors? Kind of ruins the Pinkberry mystique if you ask me.

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    1. Further proof that, even if it's drawing a trendy chain, at least TO/Westlake is starting to get some chow-ish destinations.

      1. I totally agree, i think that pinkberry should be hard to get.. lolol

        surprisingly with all the hype, not alot of people know about it, well most of my friends dont..

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          I take for granted how "connected" people on Chowhound are, and am taken aback when someone has never heard of some of the usual suspects that get tossed around here. Someone even said that they heard that Pinkberry had like two locations. My response was a sheepish smile and "Yeah, just in Westwood."

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            They risk becoming as ubiquitous as a Subway. They are headed down a much traveled road to destroying their brand like Krispy Kreme did (comparing only business plan, not quality of food). I think in five years, most units will be shut down.

          2. i know its natural and all but it just really doesn't taste good to me at all
            golden spoon in agoura is all natural and actually sweet

            1. I've just recently found out about pinkberry. I'm sorry to say it's because I keep seeing pictures of Paris Hilton holding those yoghurt cups when she's out shopping. Anyhow, I noticed that they are also opening one in Pasadena on Fair Oaks (just south of Colorado Blvd.).
              Is it all that it's cracked up to be? And why just plain and green tea flavors?

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                I cant wait for the Westlake Village one to open! it will be so great! I do agree though...it is kinda of a tradition for my friend and I...meet at her house and go to pinkberry (studio city) drive around a look for parking..stand in line--wait--wait--wait...etc. lol Well i love Pinkberry and work in Westlake VIllage so that will be great for me! Also there is one opening/comming soon to the Valencia Westfield mall in Santa Clarita! Which is where i live.!(I know--horrible commute!)..so hopefully before summer is in full swing ill have one near work and home!

              2. Pamplemoose -- I love your post: "What, a Pinkberry with plenty of parking..."

                When Pinkberry first arrived in West Hollywood, we merely drove by and never stopped nor slowed down nor got out of our car...just happened to drive by on that street. Several days later we got a parking ticket in the mail. Of course, we fought the ticket in court, and the judge dismissed the case saying that he wanted all of our paperwork because he had had numerous similar complaints about Pinkberry and the related traffic.

                I make the story short, but it was a nightmare of time-consuming paperwork to get to court on this ridiculous parking ticket that was generated automatically just because we drove by in traffic. We never saw a traffic officer, nor did he physically place a ticket on our car. We just happened to be on that street where Pinkberry was creating a scene.

                1. The Pinkberry in the mall is open.
                  I got some pics last week,
                  and went by there on Sunday and had a cup of the goodness. I will go back this week for some updated pics now that they are open.

                  1. I saw an ad for employees on Craiglist a few weeks ago and it listed 3835 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd. as the address, which would in fact place it in the same shopping center as TJ's.

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                      It is a couple of doors down (toward the news/magazine store) from Trader Joe's. Coincidentally, it is in the same space as what used to be Penguin's years ago. At the moment, there is large polka-dot paper over the windows...to open soon.

                    2. Website says WLV location is now open:

                      Westlake Village
                      3835 E Thousand Oaks Blvd
                      Westlake Village CA 91362
                      Daily 11 AM - 11 PM

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                        Hi, okie.
                        I started a new thread on this when it opened on Friday to catch the attention of those few who might care:


                        Thanks for adding the hours.