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May 4, 2007 02:41 PM

MSP- where are planning to eat tonight?

My mind is spinning with possibilities and I can't settle on one place. Help!

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  1. At home..

    But I ate at Midori last night & it was wonderful. Didn't take too long and it wasn't crowded.

    Where are you located & how far are you looking to travel.

    1. Where DID you end up eating? If I'm in a tizzy about where to eat, it usually devolves to one of two possibilities: one of my local old familiars (which for me in MSP is Runyon's or Koyi or maybe the Monte), or someplace that's been on my list to try but haven't got around to yet (which next time may be Saffron, and last time was Toast and the time before that was the Bulldog NE).