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May 4, 2007 02:21 PM

Hounds on a Plane (SEA)

I generally frown on list posts, but here's one anyhow. So there.

Thoughts on this lineup for a weeklong trip for a longtime-removed area native and his wife, a Seattle first-timer, week after next?

Any items to nix/add? We'll be @ Pine and 7th without a car. Cabs are OK but not preferred. Ethnic preferred over French/American, except when fishies are prominent.

- Serious Pie (love pizza)
- Salumi (love pork)
- Pike Place Chowder (love chowder)
- Baguette Box (love banh mi)
- Maximilien
- Those little pastry-filled whatits near the market
- Campagne (maybe)

- Mistral
- Boat Street Cafe
- Steelhead Diner
- Palace Kitchen (over Dahlia?)
- One of the sushi places lauded on here
...sounds like Matt's@Market won't be open...

Drinks/happy hours/bar dinners:
- Zig Zag
- Cascadia
- Vessel
- Someplace to get a real margarita

Thanks in advance. (Seems like each board should have a FAQ, or highly ranked overview post list, etc...)

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  1. You've done your homework well, Grasshopper. Don't miss a visit to our International District if only for a snack. While it has no atmosphere, Hing Loon would be well worth seeking out. (If you do, order the Salt & Pepper ribs.)

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    1. re: Leper

      Since you favor ethnic food, I agree with the Int'l District idea as per leper. In addition to Hing Loon, consider 7 Stars Szechuan, or Vietnamese food, as terrier suggested.

      You should know that Serious Pie is not traditional pizza in the New York or Neopolitan sense; a friend of mine who works at Dahlia tells me almost none of the pies have tomato sauce. It seems more of a west coast/wolfgang puck style.

      Campagne captures the french/poisson combination well. Rover's is a fantastic french experience, but more involved and tasting menu oriented.

      As for sushi, I really like the affordable but impeccably presented fish at Saito's, which would be a long walk, free bus or cheap cab from your digs, its on 2nd b/w Blanchard and Lenora. Nishino is considered superior by many, but it is further away in the Madison Park area.

    2. Here's a website that you might enjoy skimming through for any other ideas:

      1. The only thing missing from your list is real Vietnamese.

        Get down to Pho Bac III on 7th Ave S (just south of Jackson St) for a bowl of pho tai chin for lunch, and get over to Tamarind Tree for dinner.

        Pho Bac, especially the one on 7th, is my favorite chow spot in town.

        1. I'd seriously consider adding Union onto the dinner list. Palace and the Dahlia Lounge are both good, but depending on how many dinners you have available I wouldn't have them too high on my list.

          1. Thanks for the tips. I'm guessing ID will be a lunch after the ballgame, nice idea on the Chinese. I think Saito's was my #1 choice for sushi, so thanks for reaffirming.

            I'm excited about Serious Pie (maybe more than Salumi). I absolutely love the idea of upscale chefs opening casual joints featuring food they love. Cathal Armstrong (Best New Chef, Restaurant Eve in Alexandria, VA, etc) opened a fish and chips place, named it after his son. Sounds like he mostly did it because he misses the fish and chips he got back in Ireland. Can't beat that. For a superstar to do pizza I think is cool.

            I read the Vietnamese scene was tasty, but my home digs outside DC has a huge Vietnamese population (great Korean too) so I get a regular dose of great pho, rice verm, etc. Hard to beat a good Vietnamese meal though, soon to rival Thai imho.

            Still wish there was a good/fun/even decent Mexican place!

            Thanks again for the tips. Looking forward to some great food.

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            1. re: tmentzer

              good Mexican in DC....or Seattle?

              In Seattle, I think La Carta de Oaxaca is more than good. Simple, but delicious dishes, small and modestly priced enough to share...good mole, tamales, entomadas, sopa de mariscos, etc., etc. Of course, that's in Ballard so you need wheels (bus or otherwise to get there). I also really like El Quetzal on Beacon Hill, and Muy Macho in South Park, but those are more far flung locales.

              p.s. I thought Mixtec in D.C. was all right, but not great.

              1. re: equinoise

                The fresh take on Mexican at Senor Moose, in Ballard, on Leary is always fun and tasty.