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May 4, 2007 02:14 PM

Coffee Crisps

I need to get some of these British candy bars for a gift. I heard Hudson News carries them but didn't see them at the one in Grand Central. Anyone know where I can find them in Manhattan or Brooklyn?

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  1. I would try Devon & Blakely in Manhattan and Marlowe and Sons in Brooklyn.

    1. I see that Chipshop on 5th Ave has a big line of British candies & Java Joe on 8th St.

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      1. re: bklynfoodlover

        Coffee Crisp is actually a Canadian candy bar (not sure if it is sold in England or elsewhere). I bought one at the Eckerd at the corner of Court & Atlantic about 6 months ago. I was suprised to see them for sale there, and haven't seen them since.

        A quick google search revealed that Nestle is starting to sell Coffee Crisp in the states ( possibly in part due to a petition by

        If you don't have any Canadian friends, you can always buy two-dozen at a time from Amazon.

        Good Luck...

        1. re: bothrops_asper

          Coffee Crisp is just about the best candy bar anywhere. God bless Canada.

          Perhaps what you're looking for is Toffee Crisp, which is English? the key food on 5th ave, right near warren st., sells English candy and might have them.

      2. My friend found them at a bodega near her apartment on the corner of Union and Grand in Williamsburg. Not sure which one, but sounded like it was right around the corner.