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May 4, 2007 02:10 PM

Macarons at Chantilly!!

It's their 2 year anniversary, and to celebrate they are giving away (FREE!) macarons with purchase at Chantilly (the best cream puffs!) in Lomita. The flavors include raspberry, chocolate and assam tea *you get all three!!* The raspberry has a raspberry buttercream filling (very light, but great raspberry taste), the chocolate has a ganache filling, and the assam has a light buttercream flavored with the assam tea. The whole macaron has flecks of tea and a light, not overpowering, but still present assam taste. They are really good, and I'm so happy I don't have to drive to LA for my favorite dessert now. I asked the girl who worked there and she said that they should be available for sale soon (right now they are just being given away as samples). So if anyone finds out when they are for sale, can you post and let us know the price, flavors, etc? I'll keep checking back with them and try to update.
Sorry-I was going to take a picture, but I ate them on the way home :)

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  1. Our fellow poster, Gomagoma is a regular there - I mean she can probably recite Chantilly's list of goods backwards... She also mentioned the macarons on the recently active "cream puff" thread. I am sure she will be keeping us updated, but keep an eye out for her postings in general. Sometimes these bits of info pop up under other threads... :)

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    1. re: bulavinaka

      What is the shelf life on the cream puffs? We have a dinner party on a Saturday and I was thinking about picking up the Cream Puffs on Friday since I have to be in Torrance. Is there a big difference between same day and day old?

      1. re: luigisdad

        I personally don't think it's worth holding them more than a few hours - six to eight hours on the outside. I've tried them the next day and they just aren't the same.

        You're paying somewhat of a premium for their artisan focus on quality. The concept of wabi sabi has some relation to these particular pastries, as these cream puffs are practically works of art in their own rite that really are at their peak for but a short amount of time.

        Chantilly is very serious about their quality - only two cream puffs are in their case for display purposes because these are made to order. You can order in advance with an approximate pickup time for convenience, but I don't think this will work for your purposes. However, they do have quite a good selection of standard and seasonal desserts that you might find equally satisfying - they're worth a look.

        1. re: bulavinaka

          Yay! Chantilly macarons! I'm going to the post the photo that I posted under the cream puff thread so others can see :) I know what you mean about eating them on the way home....I had to tell myself not to so I can take this photo.

          I'm assuming you've tried the ones at Jin, Boule and some others in LA? What do you think of those?

          Knowing Chantilly, I'm hopeful that they will introduce new flavors in the future - just like how they have both the orange and lemon madeleines...I know we tend to talk about her cakes, but I also love their madeleines and fiancier, which I also have to pick up at Pierre Herme.

          Please do let us know when they go on sale....I can't wait!

          I wonder if we've been at Chantilly at the same time? I can tell that you are also a regular there :)

          1. re: gomagoma

            Hey Gomogoma, my definition of regular is someone like you - who goes enough to where Keiko-san will throw you an apron when they're shorthanded... my visits are infrequent, but the experiences there are exceptionally vivid and memorable... I'll be in Carson today, so I'm going to angle my way over to Lomita in hopes of another visit... =P

            1. re: gomagoma

              Jin = absolute heaven (but the last time I had them were over a year ago, so...)

              Chantilly = excellent, but I driving all the way over to Lomita *just* for them?, but they-- along with the other items-- make S. Bay errands that much more pleasant...

              (What they do a really outstanding job with-- that other Korean and Japanese bakeries still haven't managed-- is the matcha roll, which has very pronounced matcha and chestnut flavors. And more props to them for making more than just edible Paris brests; they may exist at some Chinese bakeries, but blech!)

              Boule = ... (that is, "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" might be playing out here)

              for a cheaper fix, try the ones at La Provence on Olympic-- they're better than the ones at Boule.

              Also, it will probably irk you to have me point this out, but Korean bakeries have carried orange, lemon, and other flavored madeleines and financier as well, so it's hard for me to be convinced that those are true innovations of any baker. In fact, other than the goma blanc manger (a pudding/mousse-like concoction with kinako[!!!]), I've seen the same items elsewhere.

              They're Franco-_ bakeries dealing with pressures from people who've more recently come from abroad, you know? Many of those bakeries are truly hard acts to follow, and, as it is, bakeries in the US tend to be a little bit more static/behind the times. If Keiko didn't constantly update the flavors, it'd probably disappoint some more recent additions to the corporate giants around the S. Bay.

              1. re: PseudoNerd

                I've tried all the ones you mentioned above, plus The Little Next Door and Le Marmiton (I'm a westside person, so I don't know of any outside of these). The ones are La Provence were a pleasant surprise, I agree. Of course, the best ones I've had are the ones in France, followed by Japan.

                I wasn't trying say that all of her creations are innovative, it was more of she started out with the orange madeleine and then later added lemon, so I'm hoping that she's add more macarons outside of the ones they are giving away for samples. I also like her recently added strawberry parfait, btw. I've tried some cakes at Korean places, but haven't found any that would compare to Chantilly. I have to admit though, I can only compare with those that I've tried the most, which are those in Tokyo.

              2. re: gomagoma

                I've tried macaroons at Jin and Boule, and like them both. I especially like the creative flavors at Boule (even though no one else seems too...). Also, Boule's are pretty large and uniform in size, I've order at Jin and some are quarter sized and tiny, while others are "regular" size. But I think Jin's are lighter in texture and taste.

        2. Wow, thanks for a great tip! When is this free macarons offer good--yesterday only? Did I miss out??

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          1. re: meesha

            Maybe... I was there today and no macarons - free or otherwise. ={ I picked up two five-boxes of cream puffs, and some assorted desserts from the case but not a macaron in sight...

            1. re: bulavinaka

              Thanks for the report--I actually also stopped by this afternoon and got a plain choux and a Mont Blanc. I was hoping I might also be lucky enough to get one of these macaron samples, but that didn't happen.

              I also wanted to get a black sesame puff, but they were out! :( Do they usually run out by mid-afternoon? Oh well, I have had the pleasure of eating one of the black sesame puffs before, and maybe I just have to get there earlier in the day next time.

              1. re: bulavinaka

                I am a fan of Chantilly Patisserie but yesterday I took my lads and GF after a Pakistani feast a couple of blocks away and >50% of the shelves were empty! I appreciate the quality but not the very friendly "sorry" which doesn't satisfy my sweet tooth!

                1. re: sel

                  Hi Sel, you can always order their cream puffs in advance (if that was what you were after). I did that today before heading over to PCH for some dim sum at Regal Palace. I told them at 12:30 that I'd be back around 3PM, paid for the puffs with my credit card, enjoyed a surprisingly good dim sum lunch at Regal Palace, and went back to pick up my puffs at Chantilly at 2:45PM. I only had to wait for them to load the puffs with those wonderful fillings as per my request not to fill them until I returned... I'm a knucklehead when it comes to planning ahead, but for these gems I turn the gray matter on...

                  1. re: bulavinaka

                    No, I've been for both flavors of Cream Puffs and darned good coffee a couple of times lately. I wanted to let my picky lads pick something else of their own choosing and I wanted to try some of their other items as well. GF wanted the little fruit/berry tarts that she watched someone else buy the last one of on our last visit. They did have Cream Puffs but when the case was full on our previous couple of visits there was so much yummy looking stuff that we really wanted to expand our horizons, so to speak!

                    1. re: sel

                      You are right... so right... When the case is even half-full, kids and adults will stare endlessly at the options and combinations that might conspire...And I agree with you 1000% about their coffee. Give me a choice of where to have the ultimate cup of coffee, and Chantilly is in the top three of anywhere I've been. I can never think about Chantilly without first thinking about their cream puffs, and second thinking about their excellent cuppa joe. If you're not ordering cream puffs, I might suggest going early with an ice chest as the rest of their desserts aren't so short on effective shelf life like their puffs are. They just need to stay cold for the most part... you can ejnoy them at home, but of course, the coffee...

            2. They are back!
              Just picked some up on Friday. Three flavors for now - chocolate, earl grey and citron ($1.25 each). Of course, I picked up the usual desserts, too :)

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              1. re: gomagoma

                Thanks-I'd been checking, but they didn't know the date. I'm going tomorrow!!