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May 4, 2007 02:01 PM

Neveria Roxy - DF

I have read about this place in American web sites - is the neveria worth a little side trip during my visit to Mexico City? Is it more American-style (like Helados Bing)? Any other recommendations for good, old-fashioned paleterias that don't sell the mass-produced stuff? I'll be staying in the Centro Historico, so any recs in that area are extra welcome.


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  1. **Definetely** worth a visit - or more!

    It is not American style, but old-school, traditional, Mexican style. And exceptional at that. Try zapote, chico-zapote (those are two different things), mamey (I prefer 'de agua' than 'de leche'), and many many other wonderful flavors.

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    1. re: D Hound

      Oye Hound, are the nieves at Roxy *nieves de garafa* (made in big stainless steel cylinders, right on the premises) or are they another kind of nieve?

      We have some incredible nieves de garafa (ooh, the coco! the vainilla! the mango!) here in Guadalajara, but next time I'm in the DF I'll definitely try Roxy.


      1. re: cristina

        They are made in the premises, if I recall correctly. With LOTS of fruit. You'll see.

      2. re: D Hound

        Thanks. I watched the Rick Bayless show that focused on Hip DF and he highlighted La Bella Italia. Maybe I'll hit both, but Neveria Roxy is definitely a must during my stay.

      3. It's real nieve, not american style. American-style ice cream is called helado and Mexican-style is called nieve (snow), so you can tell what kind they serve from the name. There's two locations in la Condesa - Tamaulipas and Alfonso Reyes and Mazatlán and.... just off Juan Escutia. They should have paletas, too. Other than there, I don't know of any places that aren't La Michoacana or a rip-off... but albeit mass-produced, Michoacana paletas are a far cry from American popsicles. They'll be full of real fruit.

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        1. re: gueraaven

          Gueraaven, my question was whether or not the nieves at Nevería Roxy are nieves de garafa or something else. I suspect that they ARE nieves de garafa, but I'd really like to know.

          By the way, those paletas at the La Michoacana franchises are not mass-produced. In about a month or a bit more, I'll post an article--including interviews and photos taken recently in their town of origin--on Mexico Cooks! about the founding and franchising of La Michoacana. You'll be interested to read all about it, I'm sure. Keep watching the blog...


          1. re: cristina

            Sure - I was just replying to Mari's original question about whether or not they were Helado Bing-style.