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Pizza in Hollywood

Where is a good pizza place in Hollywood? We're pretty simple people - we like the "old fashioned" pizza toppings - meat and lots of cheese!!

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  1. Domianos on Fairfax (not sure if this is West Hollywood or Hollywood) has excellent traditional pizza -- only the service is so slow it can get kind of irritating. I like them more more when I order out.

    1. Vito's --- more West Hollywood on La Cienega between Santa Monica and Melrose, but it is BY FAR the best pizza in the area. Many posts on Chowhound about this place...

      1. Vito's is good but it's definitely not Hollywood, it's West Holly bordering on Beverly Hills.

        Capriccio wood-fired pizza on Sunset near Vermont is only a few blocks east of Hollywood in Los Feliz. It recently opened. I've only tried it once, and it was pretty good, altho not up to Vito's standards. I'd give it a second look for sure.

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          If Il Capriccio counts as Hollywood, then so does Palermo's at 1858 N Vermont, south of Franklin. And IMHO it's better than Capriccio.

          Prizzi's Piazza at 5923 Franklin, in the Bronson Village area between Bronson and Tamarind, used to have wonderful deepdish, but I must admit I haven't been there in a few years.


          1. Bossa Nova on Sunset west of La Brea is really good. Their pepperoni pizza is one of my favorite pizzas ever. Most of their other specialty pizzas have fancy toppings, but they do also offer to "create your own" pizza from a list of ingredients that includes pepperoni, italian sausage, and ham. Dine in, take-out, or delivery.

            1. Vito's LaCienega & Santa Monica West Hollywood
              Nicky D's in Silver Lake
              2 Guys on Hollywood at LasPalmas across from The Eygptian Theatre in Hollywood

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                I am admittedly not an expert on pizza styles. But, I really like the pepperoni pizza at La Piazza in The Grove. Its oily with thin, well-done crust. I used to love Rosti when it was in the area. The pizza at Bottega Marino and Village Pizza on Larchmont are good, too, but those may not be in Hollywood, per se. What style is that, after all?

              2. It's been a few years, but I really liked Pizza Paul:


                Melrose at the 101.

                There was also a place called Vito's Pizza on Vermont near LACC, but I am not sure if it's there anymore. Good pizza with that old-school Brooklyn mafia feel inside!

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                  Vito's moved five miles west (to the dismay of those of us in the neighborhood...)

                2. Agreed on Damiano's--the best I've had in Hollywood. Esp. good with pepperoni and avocado. Something about the creamy sweetness of the avocado cut with the salty, slight spice of the pepperoni...it's how I knew the BF and I are well-suited to each other.

                  Just outside of Hollywood, and a few blocks east of Paramount Studios, La Buca makes great pizzas. I especially love the Giovanni with sausage and pepperoni.

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                    Has it ever occurred to anyone they keep it so dark in Damiano's for a reason?
                    Their service, hygiene and customer appreciation are all HORRENDOUS...
                    who cares about the pizza?


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                      Aw, man. That's why I do take-out. So I don't have to leave the well-lit front area where they at least try to keep the place decent. Plus, there are usually too many stoned rockers for us to get a table at 2am.

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                        As people said, La Buca, Vito's, Prizzi's and...

                        Village on Larchmont, which is just outside of Hollywood. Lots of cheese, lots of meat.

                  2. For old fashioned pizza toppings in the Hollywood area, I always end up heading down to Larchmont. Not Hollywood proper, but Melrose isn't so far away that it'd keep me from some of the best pizza in town.

                    I do, however, like the pizza at Bossa Nova, though I have never ordered the traditional toppings there.

                    1. I had Pizza Rustica the other day and thought that was pretty good - they definitely put on a lot of toppings!

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                        just checked the website. sounds good. which pizza did you get?

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                          We had a bunch catered into work - I personally had the Hawaiian and the Pepperoni - both were very flavorful with lots of toppings. I really liked the dough and there was a perfect amount of cheese on the pizzas. My co-workers also thoroughly enjoyed the Supreme and Tomato Basil as well. I'd like to go back and try the Con 3 Funghi pizza one of these days.

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                            i would like to try the 'con vegetable' on the whole wheat crust. funny how pizza sounds good even at breakfast time...

                      2. Im not sure if you consider it Hollywood but Mozza on Highland-Melrose has the finest pies ive had in LA. Nice crispy crust and creative toppings.Be sure to start with the chicken liver appetizer, topped with bacon.