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May 4, 2007 01:41 PM

Pizza in Hollywood

Where is a good pizza place in Hollywood? We're pretty simple people - we like the "old fashioned" pizza toppings - meat and lots of cheese!!

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  1. Domianos on Fairfax (not sure if this is West Hollywood or Hollywood) has excellent traditional pizza -- only the service is so slow it can get kind of irritating. I like them more more when I order out.

    1. Vito's --- more West Hollywood on La Cienega between Santa Monica and Melrose, but it is BY FAR the best pizza in the area. Many posts on Chowhound about this place...

      1. Vito's is good but it's definitely not Hollywood, it's West Holly bordering on Beverly Hills.

        Capriccio wood-fired pizza on Sunset near Vermont is only a few blocks east of Hollywood in Los Feliz. It recently opened. I've only tried it once, and it was pretty good, altho not up to Vito's standards. I'd give it a second look for sure.

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          If Il Capriccio counts as Hollywood, then so does Palermo's at 1858 N Vermont, south of Franklin. And IMHO it's better than Capriccio.

          Prizzi's Piazza at 5923 Franklin, in the Bronson Village area between Bronson and Tamarind, used to have wonderful deepdish, but I must admit I haven't been there in a few years.

          1. Bossa Nova on Sunset west of La Brea is really good. Their pepperoni pizza is one of my favorite pizzas ever. Most of their other specialty pizzas have fancy toppings, but they do also offer to "create your own" pizza from a list of ingredients that includes pepperoni, italian sausage, and ham. Dine in, take-out, or delivery.