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May 4, 2007 01:38 PM

Restaurant needed for tonight! W village.

Hi. Friend of mine and i have decided to grab last minute dinner in w.village. Obviously the really good places will have a very long wait since we don't have reservations. Any suggestions on where the food is good, the wait isn't too long around 7:30ish/8? There's gotta be a small obscure place in the w.village where it wouldn't be too long. If i wanted to wait i'd head over to spotted pig, august, piccolo angolo, extra virgin, no place like those.


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  1. Just some suggestions....
    Moustache- Middle Eastern (cash only)
    Malatesta- Italian (cash only)
    Kirara- Sushi
    Cornelia Street Cafe- self explanatory
    Snack- Greek
    Village- Bistro

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    1. re: jdream

      Da Andrea
      Alta (not sure if you need a res)
      Fatty Crab (you may need to a wait a litte)
      Tavern on Jane (i go there when the line at Corner Bistro is too long)
      Jane (typically no wait)
      paris Commune

    2. The Place. Very good, not quite sure it's the atmosphere you're lookin for, but I definitly saw a business dinner going on last time I was there.

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      1. I place I have been wanting to try is called Casa - either Brazilian or Portughese - confess I don't remember - the menu looked interesting and I liked the appearance of the room.

        Edit: It's Brazilian:

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          I know this isn't the place to write a review... but I wouldn't run to Casa. That's not to say that I would run from it either. None of the dishes tasted as exciting as they sounded. It was just pretty disappointing and the service was oddly rude. Just my two cents! (Brazilian, and the room is charming!)

          1. re: jdream

            Good to know ... thanks! And no reason not to post a review here!