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May 4, 2007 01:30 PM

Manana Restaurant - Pupusas in MSP

This place over on E 7th St (at Arcade) in St. Paul has received a couple of brief mentions here (thanks nieves and Paz), both positive, for pupusas and burrito respectively. I happened to be on that side of town around lunch time and stopped in.

I had a couple of pupusas (pupusae?) with the pork, refried beans and cheese. Really excellent flavor and satisfying corn dough. My frame of reference is narrow for pupusas but these were a really nice snack. Also on display were some fried plantains, which I enjoyed and sweet corn tamales. Those were a bit too dense for my liking -- the ones at Marisa's #2 in south Minneapolis are more the way I like them.

So, if you're craving pupusas, this may be your spot. I plan on working my way around the rest of their menu.

828 E 7th St
St. Paul, MN

p.s. A few other little Mexican joints along that stretch have sprouted up or tidied up their storefronts since I've been over there -- it looks like quite a lot of unexplored Chowhounding.

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  1. Sounds lovely--thank you for this report. The papusas sound very appealing.Too bad about the tamales, they are homemade according to the menu you linked.

    According to the menu, it looks like their food is broader than just Mexican--some El Salvadorian items, for instance. I'm a sucker for fried plantains, so, I'll have to investigate those! I'm very intrigued by the empanadas mentioned on the El Salvadorian part of the menu.