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May 4, 2007 01:29 PM

D&D Barbecue -- Southside Atlanta

Atlanta has the reputation -- pretty justified -- of not being a real good place for 'cue. Harold's -- the most famous of the old places inside 285 -- is worth visiting for the brunswick stew and the cornbread -- not the bland vinegar cue.

But Atlanta does have good rib places. D&D, which I just found last night, may be the best. I had a rib plate with cole slaw, greens and banana pudding. The ribs, without the sauce were well flavored. The sauce, a hot and sweet that did not have a ketchup aftertaste (like Fatt Matt's) made it close to spectacular. The cole slaw was very sweet and really good. The greens were, well, good soul food greens. Banana pudding was good -- not perfection.

My wife did pulled pork, which used the same sauce. Also good, though I think I like the sauce better for the ribs. Her baked beans were great The sweet potato pie was perhaps qualitatively the best thing on the menu. I haven't had one this good, before. Though it was very sweet, the spices made the desert.

D&D is not hard to find. From 75-85, exit onto Langford Parkway. Go west and get off at the second exit (Sylvan Road). Turn right. D&D is the repurposed gas station at the bottom of he hill. As this is close to the downtwn connector, this is a good option for people driing through Atlanta at non-rush-hour.

I did not see any dine in seating, so bring a lot of napkins. But this is really very special soul food 'cue. This place deserves to be a lot better known.

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  1. I have been to D&D several times. One of my faves in general but probably my very fave in ATL for BBQ. In fact I have eaten everything on the menu... chitterlings included. D is a great guy. This place is in the "hood" so be careful, seriously.

    The barbecue dark chicken is fantastic. Stay away from the wings. The ribs crush Fat Matt's. My favorite meal is the barbecue dark chicken or barbecue ribs with collards and yams. I am a dry-rub Memphis rib fan but these soul ribs are just fine. You get a ton of meat with an order. Riblets are good too. Sauce is a touch sweet for some I imagine but otherwise one of the very best in ATL.

    Exactly Alonzo, I sit in my car and chow down. It has the feel of 400 degrees in Nashville but unfortunately no hot chicken... but the barbecue is very good... factor in everything and I love this place. A total hole. Owners are fantastic. Check out the picture of the husband and wife duo (D&D) on the sign out front on your next visit.

    BTW, this place is listed on my blog as my fave BBQ in ATL.

    I tried to place 2 pics below from my blog. I took these pics a while back at night.

    A colleague at work told me about D&D after confirming I wanted the best the hood had to offer. Funny, first time there, guy at the counter asked my white arse, "you new around here?" D later said to me, you know there is one other guy "like you" who comes around ever so often... you guys related? D is truly one of the nicest and funniest guys in town. He also told me that Oprah Winfrey goes there. Talk it up with him. Beautiful place.


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      Yum! After reading your post I stopped by on my way home from work to take D&D for a test drive. Mighty fine beef ribs too!

    2. In my opinion, D+D Barbecue has the BEST Barbecue sandwich I've EVER had!!! For $3.09 you get between a quarter and a third of a pound of pure HEAVEN. These sandwich's are GIGANTIC!, DELICIOUS! and VERY AFFORDABLE!!! On top of this the owners are really nice people. I've been going there a couple of years now and I plan to return for many more years to come. Sincerly, Rick Astin

      1. Check out Community Q and Fox Brothers in the city for other excellent options. Both of them will wholeheartedly reverse your impression of Atlanta-based BBQ.

        One of the reasons that Atlanta has a mediocre reputation for BBQ is because of places like Fatt Matt's. F.M.'s has a funny name and widespread pop culture acclaim (ever seen the movie 'Up In The Air'), but the food is so far below what real BBQ should be that you'd be much more happy going to a chain like Sonny's.

        1. D AND D is my favorite BBQ restaurant in Atlanta. That Mr. D is hilarious and kind as ever. The ribtips are my favorite menu item followed by the turkey smoked sausage which they recently added. The chicken is not my favorite. Banana pudding is great, taste just like my mom would make. The Brunswick stew is awesome. I don't know if there is a different cook in the evening, but the food seems better at that time. As someone else said. It is really in "the hood," but the food is worth the trip!!!!