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May 4, 2007 01:10 PM

Ideas for a Birthday brunch.

We are having about 10-15 people over for a birthday brunch Memorial Day weekend. I would like to make it buffet style with a few (obviously) breakfast and lunch items. Any ideas where to start. The party is from 11-2. I have a 1 year old so things that I can make a day in advance or super simple would be best.

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  1. My brunch staples:

    1. A major egg dish that is happy at room temp - either a frittata or a quiche, using whatever seasonal veggies are around, or sometimes just whatever happens to be in my fridge. (Greens, herbs, cooked potatoes, chives, leeks, cheeses, sausage, bacon, etc. etc. etc. Too many options to list.)

    2. A big green salad.

    3. Some bread-y things with some topping-y things: bagels and cream cheese and lox, or rye and good smoked meats and mustards, or baguettes and cheeses.

    4. A big serving bowl of granola, and another one of yogurt. A jar of honey on the side for drizzling.

    5. Fresh fruit.

    6. A sweet: coffee cake or scones or muffins or cinnamon buns, etc.

    7. Beverages: coffee, hot tea, and a couple of cold choices (iced tea, lemonade, oj, etc.)

    That should be more than enough to feed your crowd, and most of it is dead simple. Slice some bread, cut up some fruit, dress some greens and you're almost there. You could either make the coffee cake/muffins/whatever a day ahead, or even buy them from a good local baker. The frittata or quiche will be best if done that morning, but once you get it in the pan it can bubble away happily in the oven while you're laying everything else out.

    1. The last brunch I had, I served strata, cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit cup, bacon, assorted quickbreads/cookies but the hit was the gravy and biscuits that I got a lot of help with on this board. I wanted to have poached eggs on top so the yolks would drip on the gravy but didn't want to individually poach so many. I ended up dropped each one into the gravy, covering the pan and putting it in oven until the whites were just cooked. They turned out perfect.