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May 4, 2007 01:06 PM

Tuscan-style Wild Boar Sauce

I've just returned from an trip to Italy, and I know I won't find the exact thing here, but I'm asking anyway. Are there any restaurants in the Chicago area that serve a more traditional Tuscan boar sauce? I just couldn't get over how good it was, and now I want more!


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  1. Having never been to Italy, I've no idea how authentic or traditional it is, but Gioco (1312 S Wabash) , which claims to feature Tuscan-style cuisine, does have such an item on their menu. I order it every time I go.

    1. I've had it twice at Spiaggia.

      It's one of the best pasta dishes that I've ever had.

      980 N. Michigan Ave.

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        They also serve it at Cafe Spiaggia, although you might want to confirm that its on the menu that day when you make reservations. They have a more limited menu than the main restaurant.

        Coco Pazzo specializes in Tuscan food, but I can't remember seeing Boar Sauce there.

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            I'm not much for the cooking, actually. So no, I haven't tried it, and I can say with pretty much 100% certainty that I never will. I want to eat the boar sauce, but I don't want to expend any effort to get to the eating of it, besides a harrowing CTA journey or a parking search. But I'd be interested in hearing how it was, if anyone else has tried it.

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              That's actually the link to the gnocci recipie, although there is a link to the ragu recipe as well. Honestly, not much to it - just marinate the meat over night and then do a standard braise. No reason to think it isn't good, but nothing special either.

              If you're really intersted in making ragu, I bet Marcella Hazan has a better recipie in one of her cookbooks (Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking?)

              1. re: wak

                The gnocci recipe links to the boar sauce recipe.