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May 4, 2007 01:02 PM

Best packaged bacon?

Where can I find the best packaged bacon in NY? I really like the Peter Luger's extra thick bacon, but I don't think they sell it frozen. Has anyone tried the Niman Ranch bacon? I like my bacon tasty and I really hate turkey bacons that have no oil whatsover.

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  1. I would recommend exploring the UES... the remaining Hungarian and German butcher shops are very good for Eastern European/German smoked sausages and bacons...
    The Meat Emporium 81st & 2nd
    Schaller & Weber 1654 2nd Ave (

    1. The Peter Luger's bacon is canadian bacon cut in a different way than standard canadian bacon. You'll never find "regular" bacon that compares to it. My suggestion is to go to a German/Eastern European butcher that have a variety of bacon that you can try. You can look at the german butcher in Grand Central Market or the UES or East Village butchers.

      1. Believe it or not, Fresh Direct has really fantastic and fresh bacon.

        1. Have you tried bacon via mail order? There are a number of artisanal bacon producers (notice I didn't say bacon makers, given all the connotations) that ship and provide extraordinary variety for the cost of Niman bacon or Schaller and Weber.

          1. Burger's Smokehouse...I have tried all the mail order bacons and this is best...the thick sliced original hickory smoked country bacon, about $9 per pound, delivered.

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              That is really good. I know not everybody loves it, but the Nueske's is really nice, too. Pricey, but intense and a little goes a long way.

              Benton's is quite nice as well.

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                Benton's is on overload with a 5-6 week waiting period now due to popular demand from an article in Saveru

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                  Huh? Who could possibly not like Nueske's bacon? I wish I could afford to EAT it instead of just keeping it in the freezer for seasoning things.