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May 4, 2007 12:47 PM

Lunch needed in Outer Sunset

I am at my house near the beach and I am so hungry I can't think of what or where to eat. I am a bit hungover from my Cinco de Mayo practice night. Thinking of trying the Mexican and Salvadorean Restaurant up Taraval but it is very far. Any recommendations?

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  1. I had a nice lunch at Just Won Ton on Vincente a couple of weeks ago. I'd skip the fried version, but the soups were very good.

    1. This place doesn't get much mention on the boards, but whenever I'm way out by the beach, I go to Mango Medley. It's this little Hong Kong style cafe on 44th and Judah. Great coffee/teas, chinese desserts (as well as mango/sticky rice), and surprisingly tasty entrees. Some of the food is asian style "western food", like pastas and such but there's also salads topped with fruit, chinese style rice plates, etc.

      The operation is run by all of 2 women, so beware that service can be a bit slow.

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        I am tempted but cannot leave the house - having some work done. I think I will have to tap into the enchilada materials I was planning on assembling this afternoon. This is horrible between the new Saveur mag that just arrived and CHOW I am drooling!

        1. re: alag

          Could you tell us some of the food you tried and liked in this topic?

          SF (outer Sunset) - Mango Medly – Korean HK-Style café with bastilla, regahif, Zaalouk & much, much more?

          Thanks for the heads-up ... sounds interesting.

          1. re: rworange

            I have had success at times with Golden Gate Pizza and Indian. i love the Chicken Makanwala. It is on Judah and 46thish, next door to the 7-11 and diagonal to Than Long. I adore El Burrito Express up Taraval maybe at 23rdish? - get the Carne Asada - it's angus, and go for the bronco burrito - bust mix of choices, just remember to add heat.