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May 4, 2007 12:24 PM

Orlando Weekly Restaurant Week

This upcoming week till May 10 starting tonight is restaurant week. It looks like several good restaurants are lined up all offering a pre-fix three course meal for 25 dollars. Some are offering for less. Here's a link to the web site listing the participating restaurants including posted menus.

Looks like a great opportunity to try those places you always wanted to and I'm interested if there are any restaurants that I should definitely take advantage of. Not just because of good food but also because there is some value to be had.

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    1. I looked at the ad in Orlando Weekly and could have sworn there were more interesting places offering the meals. It's a pretty uninspiring list IMHO. I like Crooked Bayou (buffalo chicken sandwich), Johnny's Fillin Station(best hamburger in orlando), and The Globe (cheap happy hour apps) as much as the next guy but 25 dollars for a three-course dinner from these places that have never had an inspiring menu to begin with. I guess I just don't understand what I'd be getting of interest.

      Edit looking back through the list i guess i was a little harsh, though i felt overpriced K is good, and I've wanted to try Graze

      1. Thanks for the link! Nagoya Sushi is good and their prix fix menu looks good too. Also, the Raglan Road dinner offering looks nice as well (the lunch menu doesn't just based on value).