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May 4, 2007 12:14 PM

Pizza by the slice.

There are two pizza ingredient distributors that generally dominate the local 'mom and pop' pizza scene in Dallas. One of them is Lisanti Foods and the other is Roma's. It's very easy to tell which one you are getting just by the cheese and the crust. Generally, Lisanti foods gets the most recognition due to the awards Coal Vines and Piggie Pie's collect. Roma's is also a good quality distributor w/ great pizzas being produced, most notably by Brother's.

When I'm in a hurry, a pizza by the slice sign is a beacon to me. I don't have high expectations and generally go with something simple...plain cheese or just 'shrooms. Due to the two main suppliers, I feel most pizza by the slice restaurants are making almost the exact same pizza. There are variables to consider like oven type/temp. and when the pie was originally baked, but generally they all seem to taste the same per supplier.

Today I walked into Luigi's Pasta & Pizza on 1636 W. Mockingbird Ln. I'm sure we've all driven past it at one point or another and probably overlooked it; I know I have a dozen or so times, but the sign stood out like a sore thumb today--PIZZA BY THE SLICE! When I entered the cafeteria style line and saw the two pizzas laid out in front of me, plain cheese and sausage, I was a little discouraged and hesitant. I thought to myself, it's 12:30pm and this is all they have out? Not a good sign, but I was up at bat and didn't want to be rude and walk away. I ordered one slice of cheese, paid my $2.11, and hurried to my car. I let the slice cool down for a second while I rodeoed around traffic on Mockingbird. After my first bite I turned my vehicle around and headed right back to Luigi's. I walked in and said, "That is the best slice of pizza I have ever had. I would like another, please." The owner smiled and said, "I know." As I was waiting for my second slice I spotted a Lisanti foil box. I was confused. I looked at him and said, "You use Roma right?" He confirmed my observation and we briefly talked a little about the two distributors. Luigi's slice of pizza is ultra-thin and and had just the right amount of cheese, sauce, and oregeno. Like I've said before, balance = bliss. So the next time you guys are on your way in and out of Love Field, stop by Luigi's for a slice...

Luigi's Pasta & Pizza
1636 W. Mockingbird Ln.
214 634 9054

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I work not too far from them, so I might put them in my "lunch rotation".

    1. omg - I work about 1 mi from there, and had no idea it existed. I'll give it a try soon. Also, thanks for the info about suppliers. What sorts of supplies are you referring to, though? Do you mean cheese and toppings? Or are you implying that places like Coal Vines buys their dough and sauce as well from these guys? I have no idea... I always assumed that they make that kind of stuff themselves - and since the crust and the sauce are the main contributors to pizza quality, I'd expect a pretty large variation in pizzas, even from places that use the same supplier.

      btw - what is it about the cheese and crust that distinguish Lisanti and Roma's?

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        Lisanti's crust is starchier and has a lighter shade to it...even when overdone. His cheese is very milky and silky smooth. He sell all things pizza...flour for the dough, cheese, toppings, etc. (high end restaurants will most likely have other gourmet toppings as well as their own sauce). Roma's cheese has an earthier tone to it (does not 'stretch' and 'string' like Lisanti's cheese does.) Their crust usually forms to a standard
        'ideal' crust. (imo) (sorry, not good at explaining flavor and contrast with bread)

        1. re: adkim

          So who supplies Fireside Pies then? Don't they make their own dough and buy their own ingredients?


          1. re: TexasToast

            you are correct, TT. they don't have a main supplier. they try to go 'local' as best as they can.

        2. re: gavlist

          Coal Vines does not buy there dough or sauce. I am pretty sure that Fireside or any other high end or respectable pizzeria does not buy there dough or sauce. Cheese, sauces, boxes, low quality produce and canned goods are probably the main items that these pizza/pasta distributors sell.

        3. I have three flights this week, all arriving at dinner time. Thanks for the heads up.

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          1. re: chickstein

            Great to know as I live close and a good slice is hard to find around there. I live closer to the Whole Foods, but man that stuff is greasy.

          2. Wow, I wish there were a place like this closer to Richardson. Glad you found this place, I'll definitely swing by if I'm in that part of town!

            1. My reaction is that it's pretty plain. First of all, my slice came out with the sausage still frozen. I won't hold that against them in terms of deciding to come back or not, since it's really about the basic slice... but still, frozen? Their was nothing i disliked (especially not the price) but there was nothing that stuck out. The dough was incredibly plain, with little flavor.