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May 4, 2007 12:09 PM

Looking for nice restaurant for 1 yr...

Looking to take the girlfriend of one year out some where nice, but nothing to expensive. We both like all kinds of food, and like trying new things. I'm a Senior at GMU and she is a government auditor for PWC. Any suggestions?


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  1. Kazan in McLean is a somewhat elegant Turkish restaurant with very tasty food and refined service.

    1. You could have a very romantic dinner at Dino and have a nice bottle of wine for 2 and get out for well under a hundred bucks if you don't order a super expensive bottle of wine. I'd ask to sit at one of the tables nearest the front window so you and yours can people watch as well as talk with eachother. If you don't wish to people watch I'd ask to sit upstairs near the rear of the restaurant at one of the quieter two tops.

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        what about filomena in Georgetown. If you're in virginia, it might be more convenient, and what's more romantic then fabulous desserts?

        1. re: whiner

          Filomena has great food though it may not be quiet. I very much enjoyed my wild boar ragu at Dino recently but hated the presentation (dishes/etc.) and wasn't terribly fond of the service. But again, the food was very good and it is a neighborhood place.
          You didn't specify where you were looking and appear to be open to food. What about the Bombay Club across from the Oval Room? Their prices are reasonable, food is good and something different. Their entire menu is on their website.

          1. re: alexfoodie

            Looking in the Northern Va area. Looking for a place that is quiet, but not boring. We both like a variety of food, but don't want to go to crazy for this dinner. I just want to show her a nice place with good food and service, and not break my "college student" budget.

            1. re: ddrieger

              Another option in NOVA is Sette Bello- nice, pleasant Italian at reasonable prices. I like that place a lot, though you should mention to them that you are looking for quieter seating. Another option would be Willow on Fairfax Drive in the Ballston area.

              1. re: jpschust

                Filomena's website and menu selection looked pretty nice. Dino's looked nice as well, just not as big of a selection. It looks like the majority of suggestions are Italian. I love Italian. I grew up in a household that cooked traditional Italian dishes 4 days a week. She does like Italian, but I think she might want to go the, "steak & seafood" route. Any suggestions for that option?

                1. re: ddrieger

                  Easy- Ray's the Steaks- not a ton of seafood, but well within your budget, though also not terribly quiet the food is incredible the service is always cordial and the prices are quite fair.

                  1. re: jpschust

                    Well, after reading a bit about Ray's the Steaks, it looks like a must go to place for the food, but not for service or atmosphere. Am I just asking way to much?

                    1. re: ddrieger

                      And... we've been to the big name steakhouses like, Ruths Chris, Mortons and the like, so I don't wish to do any of those. I'm thinking I might just go with Filomenas or Dinos

                      1. re: ddrieger

                        Does the night out have to be Friday or Saturday? If so then yes you'll have a wait at Rays, and it may not be the atmosphere you desire.

                        Give some thought to A La Lucia just north of Old Town Alexandria. Good Italian food and wine that won't overly bust your wallet.

                      2. re: jpschust

                        Rays does not take reservations and you may have a bit of a wait at certain times. You can put your name on a list beginning at 4pm, where they can tell you when to come back and be seated. Just so your're aware.
                        There are some great options in Alexandria. In Del Ray, you have Del Meri Grill, Bombay Curry Company and Evening Star Cafe (now this is wallet friendly; wines which they carry from, or are purchase next door at Planet wine have a $10 mark up). All budget friendly.
                        In Old Town, you have the newly re-opened Majestic and Vermillion which is under the care of a new executive chef, Anthony Chittum.

                        1. re: monavano

                          Willow has great food and is very intimate I love it. Thay have a great steak dish and a nice variety. I really really reccommend this much more than rays which can be crowded and no reservation. Sette Bello is great, but not near as quiet (small restuarant small tables).

                          1. re: ktmoomau

                            She lives right next to Willow. Monavano mentioned Del Meri Grill, anyone else been there?

                            1. re: ddrieger

                              Been there a bunch- wonderful, though I think the newly reopened Majestic is more romantic and in the same price range. Plus you could go for a nice walk in Old Town afterwards.

                              1. re: jpschust

                                Thanks everyone for your help. I'm sure I can pick one of the places that were suggested!

                                1. re: ddrieger

                                  Also downtown try Equinox Restaurant. Great food and service. If it's a nice evening you can sit out on the patio or if it's chilly you could sit in the glass enclosed atrium. Or, for privacy, ask for one of the 2 booths they have available.

                                  1. re: Skittle

                                    Unless Equinox has seriously changed recently, I think it would deffinitely fall outside the price parameters here, but I agree it is a very good restaurant.