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May 4, 2007 11:47 AM

premade pizza dough around Trenton/Lambertville

I am wondering if anyone knows a place to buy premade pizza dough (uncooked or rolled, so that I can make the pies at home) around Trenton or Lambertville. I have never bought it before, so I have no idea. Is it sold at Wegmans or another grocery store on Rt. 1? Or at any local pizzarias? Thanks!!!

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  1. Usually an independent pizzaria will sell you the dough alone.

    1. You can get it at the Trenton Farmers Market on Spruce Street from the little Italian bakery there (I don't care for their breads but their sfogliatelle is excellent) and also from the Italian deli across the aisle, which carries great fresh ricotta, sausage and fresh bread as well. While you're there check out the Polish deli as well. They have an amazing range of old world meats and cold cuts, fabulous pierogies, and the best sour dough rye bread I've ever had.

      1. Any pizza parlor will sell you raw dough. I've never seen it at Wegman's but I also wasn't looking for it.

        I buy my dough from the Italian People's Bakery. They have a location in the Trenton Farmers Market (as Ellen mentioned). They also have a store in Trenton near Hudson Street and one in Ewing, which is where I go. I use their dough every week when I make pizza on Friday.

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          Thanks so much for the replies. I am going to head over the to Trenton Farmers Market after work...I've been meaning to go there (I've never been) and this gives me a great excuse!

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            I’ve been buying Landolfi’s (Trenton bakery) frozen pizza dough from my local Acme. I think it makes an excellent crust. I just take it out in the morning; put it in a bowl; rub some olive oil on it and then cover it with plastic wrap. By evening, it has thawed out, risen and is ready to go. I just checked the label and there are no preservatives in it. I will give Barbero’s a try as I agree with BigPops51 that they are much better than the Italian People’s bakery, particularly their rolls.

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            I was actually talking about the other Italian baker there, can't remember the name. I'm sure either will work. IPB isn't a particularly good bakery either, but I've never bought their pizza dough.

          3. like the others said, Italian Peoples sells it, but Barbero's is the best.
            Stay away from the ones in the grocery stores. They're full of preservatives, chemicals etc.

            1. Wegman's, like most other supermarkets, does sell it BUT, apparently it arrives in the store frozen and is allowed to defrost in the refrigerated case. First time I tried it they were all soft and I didn't realize they'd been previously frozen. Next time, they were solid "hard as a rock" balls of dough. Buying frozen dough (and then having to wait hours/days for it to become "workable") just makes no sense to me and buying "previously frozen" dough- OR any other food item- is particularly annoying and, somewhat, deceptive.