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L.A. Airport tonight, any food recs?

Tonight I will be dropping my cousins off at the L.A airport around 8pm.

Was interested in eating something cheap and close to the airport.

Any recs for food that's easy to obtain w/o crazy parking and no driving around in circles?

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    1. re: ElissaInPlaya

      second this.
      not only is the food really good and really priced well, the restaurant itself (especially the front room is pretty).
      Ayara Thai Cuisine
      6245 W 87th St, Los Angeles 90045 Btwn La Tijera Blvd & Truxton Ave Phone: 310-410-8848

    2. My vote's for KJ's--very close to LAX, easy parking, good food, inexpensive. It's attached to a bowling alley:


      1. La Paz in El Segundo for great Mexican. Family owned, very friendly, casual place, plenty of parking and seating, you get chips and salsa as soon as you sit down. I always get the big Junior Super Deluxe Burrito for about $8. They actually have a larger one than that too. Soooooooo good. They clsoe around 9pm, but they're barely 5 minutes from LAX, so you should be able to make it there no problem.

        Take Sepulveda south, past the 105. After a couple blocks, make a right onto Mariposa, then a left onto Center Street and it's on that corner on your left.

        1. Pann’s (Full service Doogie style Cafe)
          6710 La Tijera Blvd.
          Los Angeles, CA
          (323) 776-3770

          Big Mike's Philly Steaks and Sub (Best Philly Cheese Steaks in L.A., yes, I tried Frado’s – no way!
          )507 Main St.
          El Segundo, CA 90245
          (310) 726-9638

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          1. re: JeetJet

            I think you meant to say "Googie style", Doogie style is when one is wearing a white lab coat. ;-)

            1. re: ChinoWayne

              Hey Wayne. Thanks, -- ya, when a kid is in the lab coat it is Doogie. Bad mistake, and to think i have been reading the book named Googie and visiting every Googie place I can find. Sorry to Pann's. One of the best Googie Cafe's left. Inside and out and including the food -- True L.A. future cafe.

              1. re: JeetJet

                If I can talk the wife into it I think it's Pann's tonight for chicken wings or patty melt - a tough decision.

                1. re: tony michaels

                  Either way add the pea soup. Back to the future -- so Googie!

                  1. re: JeetJet

                    Just back from Pann's. Wings and Waffle for Wife (Whew!) and Patty Melt for me. Loosening belt (hell, taking belt off) - unbuttoning pants (hell, taking pants off). Great as always. Along with my monthly dose of googie and classic rock and roll. I'm a satisfied man - take that Mick Jagger! ;-D

                    1. re: tony michaels

                      Okay... too much infor-MAY-tion... patty melts and chicken wings making grown men sit around naked and talking about the Stones... I'm emotionally scarred for life... never going to see Pann's in the same light again... ={ ;)

          2. I assume you're talking LAX.
            There are some fast food joints at the upper level of the Bradley International Terminal.

            1. There's always the In n Out on Sepulveda. Not sure if that's too low key though.

              There's a deli I enjoy on Sepulveda called Korner Deli. Large parking lot in the back, very casual, decent food.

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              1. re: MeAndroo

                I guess which direction your coming from or going afterwards might make a difference as to your choices. If you're taking the 405 or La Cienega south, you have Pann's as mentioned by JeetJet. It's a solid 50's-retro (for real) coffee shop with lots of menu options - their Friday specials like bouillabaisse, and their fried chicken - especially their wings - are their strong points, and the service is quick and friendly. The staff is also more than happy to make suggestions or nudge you in the right direction if they feel you might need some help.

                If your coming north on Sepulveda, you can stop by Rinaldi's in El Segundo for a sandwich. They probably have the best sandwiches in the South Bay, and have loyalists who will proudly prefer Rinaldi's sandwiches over the Godmother of Santa Monica's Bay Cities fame.

                Lincoln southbound from the Westside will take you right by Alejo's. It's a favorite Italian joint for the local neighborhood and if you're popping in around 6:30 PM, seating should be quick. The only problem is with your cousins riding in the closed confines of a plane, their neighboring passengers will feel imposed upon by the garlicky aroma pouring from their bodies. If going here, stay away from the garlic in olive oil.

                And for one last taste of So Cal, your cousins might want one more shot at In-N-Out on the corner where Lincoln and Sepulveda converge. Despite In-N-Out's taking the concept of "cooking it up fresh" too far with their poorly executed french fries that are anemic at best, their burgers and shakes are a steal at any price, and they are quick as we all well know - the only challenge here is alot of other passengers leaving So Cal also want one last bite of LA before heading out to parts unknown...

                1. re: bulavinaka

                  i believe rinaldi's closes at 7 on fridays and earlier on saturdays

                  1. re: westsidegal

                    I'm sure you're right - alot of places close down early in sleepy downtown El Segundo... I was figuring if they were going to LAX at 8PM, then they would be eating around 6:30PM at the latest... Thanks - that's good info for me as well... I tend to have a knack for going to places when they're closed... ={

                2. re: MeAndroo

                  didn't the Korner Deli close several years ago?

                  El Tarasco on Sepulveda and Manchester- GREASEBALL mexican gringo food. If you want grease go here.

                  New Whole Foods on Sepulveda near Rosecrans: AWESOEM...huge store...have some tables, etc.

                  Petit Cafe in the minimall on Sepulveda....great gyros and steak sandwhiches, etc. small inside though..really small.

                  Bilal Indian Cuisine in Westhchester on the way to Inglewood on Manchester. Love their daily special combo with the big lamb shank.

                  1. re: Xericx

                    where exactly is this Bilal Indian and how does it compared with Altawan in ingelwood?

                3. Okay, so this will seem like total crazy talk but stick with me. I just moved to Santa Monica from Westchester and after driving by it for years, I finally stopped into the Grinder--corner of Manchester and Sepulveda--with admittedly low expectations. Since then I have eaten there 4 or 5 times and always feel like I can get good basic burgers and salads. It is very reasonable (hard to know exactly what cheap means to different people) but certinaly fits my opinion of good food for the price.

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                  1. re: ellaystingray

                    O.k. -- I've totally been wondering about this place and haven't felt brave. Will you give us some idea of comparable restuarants in terms of price, food quality/style, service, ambiance?

                    1. re: ElissaInPlaya

                      Sorta a lower priced and smaller menued Hamburger Hamlet. Price is about $5-$9 for apps, $8-$14 for entrees. Coffee shop/diner food is a good way to describe the offereings.

                      Ambiance--simply, none. Well, let me take that back. There is something sorta retro Denny's/Sizzler/Waffle House/IHOP about it. And sometimes, those sorta place can recall good (or at least interesting) memories.

                      Service--I honestly don't know what to say about this. I don't have high expectations from a place like this so nothing seemed wrong with it. However, it was not flawless. I guess the best endorsement is that I can't come up with anything that was totally lame. Meaning, any small problems with the service seem too benign and normal to detail.

                      And now to the important part--the quality. My burgers always came cooked the right tempurature, with the hot stuff hot and the cold stuff chilled and crisp. The salad greens were always fresh. The soups were always tasty. Did anything break new ground in food? Absolutely not. Could you replicate everything they do at home? Sure. Was is satisfying for the price? Every time it was.

                      For me, this is good, cheap, basic food. And it happens to be really close to LAX.


                    2. re: ellaystingray

                      Oh yeah, years ago when we worked downtown, the wife and I would have lunch at The Grinder on Figueroa St about once a week. Solid coffee shop food. Had breakfast at the Westchester location once and it was just fine.

                      1. re: ChinoWayne

                        I keep driving by the Westchester Grinder there on the corner of Manchester and Sepulveda year after year and somehow never have gotten in to try it. Now I am on a mission to give it a try for breakfast, maybe this weekend.

                        1. re: tony michaels

                          I tried to get here this morning but found out my assumption that they are open 24 hours was a bad one. They don't open for breakfast until 6 a.m., so I will try it again another time.

                    3. Three Flames Mongolian BBQ --- YUM!!!!

                      5608 W Manchester Blvd.
                      Los Angeles, CA 90045

                      1. Truxtun's in Westchester. Really close to the airport, good quality and reasonable prices, and it has a parking lot along with plenty of street parking on Truxtun.