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May 4, 2007 11:25 AM

What's GOOD at S&S?

In the past I've been very disappointed at the S&S deli in Cambridge. I'm meeting friends there for dinner so I'm hoping I've just never ordered their best thing....

Is anything really good? or at least, what is their best thing?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Nothing really stands out, IMO. I don't mind the place, and I have had some good sandwiches there, but I'd say that there are better delis in the Boston area (Barry's in Waban, Michael's in Brookline, and Harry's in Westborough, to name a few).

      The monte christo isn't too bad there...

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          Depends on the night and who's in the kitchen. I agree with the above that there is nothing really memorable on the menu, but sometimes I've had the chicken parm when it was above-average (sometimes not). It's just not a chowish destination.

          I still go there occasionally, though, for old times' sake. I grew up in Inman Square in the '50's, when the S&S was still a REAL Jewish deli. The whole place then was in what is now the takeout area, with booths along the wall that's now covered with reprints of old reviews. But don't get me started on what Inman Square food used to be - back then Legal was just a fish market with a takeout fish & chips counter....

        1. I liked the coffee cake the last time I was there. Sandwiches/platters of smoked fish seemed just ok.

          1. Their Eggs Oscar, which is a breakfast item, but it's potato cakes topped with asparagus and then poached eggs and hollandaise. YUM!