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May 4, 2007 11:18 AM

Healthy eats in Hollywood

Recs for healthy dinner tonite closest to Vine & SM/Sunset? Gotta feed a pregnant sister and quick, but I'm a student/foodie so it must be yummy, and not too $ too.


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  1. We went to Zen Zoo Tea Cafe a couple of weeks ago. Healthy foods that cater more for asian tastes. We got a 'spicy' citrus chicken, and chose brown rice - other than lacking any spiciness, it was delicious. I also recall dim sum and potstickers, salads and tofu, too. Huge boba (lots of different flavors) and nifty concept with the tea (three mini hourglass tell you when you're done steeping the bag). You take your order and a number, sit anywhere (we like the upstairs - there's a private corner booth and an alcove) and they bring your order and drinks to you.

    It's located in the same plaza as Hungry Cat.

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        Oh, and don't forget to validate your parking!

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        Second Zen Zoo -- have only eaten in the Brentwood location -- but if the Hollywood location is similar -- it's a good choice. Don't know if your sis is avoiding fish -- but their steamed fish with brown rice is really tasty -- and I also noticed people eating very fresh, large yummy looking salads. I hear their choclate volcano cake is also excellent -- but probably not too healthy...

      3. There's Kung Pao Kitty if you like Chinese. They have all sorts of vegetarian healthy options:

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          Much healthier and better in my opinion is the sandwich shop a half block north of Kung Pao Kitty on Wilcox. It's on the east side of the street and has fresh sandwiches with stuff like sprouts, avocado, you know... healthy stuff.

        2. There's also Tere's on Melrose and Vine:

          It's Mexican and really homemade and fresh. They have this amazing chile relleno burrito that is out of this world. There's also Astro Burger, which is fast food, but they have an extensive vegetarian menu. It's on Melrose and Gower.

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            Re: Tere's, their refried beans are vegetarian and they always have a soup special that is what I would define as a healthy choice.

          2. Thx for all the great suggestions! I didn't check the latter posts in time for that day, but I'll definitely check out the Chinese and Mexican places next time we're there.

            FYI: Although Zen Zoo looked fun, hard wooden chairs, a long steep staircase to the 2nd floor and way heavy patchouli was a no go for a 6 mos. pregnant woman. We ended up at the Japanese (I think chain) next door, totally forgettable.