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May 4, 2007 11:09 AM

Anyone tried Cabo Grill in Costa Mesa?

Read an article about this new venture but have not gotten report of anyon who has tried it. It is at corner of Newport Blvd. and Del Mar behind Starbucks. Thanks

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  1. I have. its the bomb. This is because on my bike ride to my night classes to OCC its on the way. they a great happy hour. $1 domestic beers. $1 tacos (carne asada, chicken, or carnitas). and like $3 margs i think. So a few tacos, a couple of beers, I'm ready for school!

    But the probably best thing is their Fish tacos. there pretty cheap and huge. I ordered it once, fish was fresh and hot. yum yum!

    This place is comparable to baja fresh but you get more for you measily college buck.