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May 4, 2007 11:07 AM

Where to buy chicago style greek pita bread in SFV?

It's thicker, softer, and better...I can get it at Great Greek or Alexis to go, and pay too much. Is there a greek market or something?

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  1. Not in the SFV, but close enough and worth the couple miles...

    Try Mom's Hummus stand at the Hollywood Farmers Market - every Sunday. Not only is their hummus good, but their pitas remind me of the classic soft, pliable and greasy (if you of course fry it up) pitas from every Gyros stand, Greek Town establishment or Greek-run fast food joint in the fine city of Chicago (my hometown).

    Trust me, they are the best I've had out here. Still looking for comparable gyros though.....

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      Any place in SFV? Any greek markets? Anything in Whole Foods?


      1. re: Diana

        The Mom's stand mentioned above is also at the Studio City farmers market on Sunday and has the type of pita you're looking for.

      2. re: jeffro

        Firehouse Greek restaurants at Victory and Reseda has an outstanding gyro. Best I've had in all of LA.

      3. I think the kind you want can only be had at C&K Importing/Papa Cristos on Pico @ Normandie. It is different than regular pita, they carry it in the frozen section. Could wait for the Greek Festival, and ask them.

        1. Any other places to grab greek style pita? Papa christo's frozen ones are only OK for me, and the hollywood farmer's market isn't viable with my work schedule

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            I've heard that the Cambridge market sells thick, fluffy pita, fresh baked on weekday mornings (not on Saturday, the baker is kosher)

            12431 Burbank Blvd, Valley Village, CA 91607