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May 4, 2007 10:58 AM

Anything Good in RFK?

MIght be going to RFK next wek--I've never been. Anything good to eat?

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  1. Your best bet is probably the sausage with peppers and onions. Last year, I really enjoyed having a Hard Times station on the terrace (2nd level behind home plate) for nachos with chilli. However, as of my last visit (two weeks ago) the Hard Times station wasn't there - not sure if it was just too cold out for the terrace to be fully operational, or there is no Hard Times this year.

    Also, Guiness drafts available behind home plate on the first level. Go Nats!

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    1. I've always been a huge fan of their Kettlecorn. Tasty snack you can't get most places. Much better than the Crackerjacks.

      1. Looks like I'll be there for Nats-O's. Anyone ever sampled the Diamond Club spread?

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        1. re: ML in Naperville IL

          I'll answer my own question. Was in town for a wedding -- first time I was in D.C. in about 10 years -- and on May 18th I visited RFK for the first time. Good seats available, even for the Beltway Series, and I couldn't resist shelling out $140 for a 6th row seat directly behind home plate. (Can't think of too many teams with attendance so dismal that one can actually walk up on gameday and literally get one of the best seats in the house.) The ticket gave me pre-game access to the Diamond Club buffet area above right field.
          The spread was plentiful, for sure, but the quality was very average. (If I were a food snob, I probably would have been downright upset.) Hard to imagine the same type of just average quality for VIPs at ballparks in Boston, New York, Chicago, L.A., or even Baltimore -- but what do I know? I'm not a regular Diamond Club visitor. For all I know, this is as good as it gets anywhere.
          RFK's main buffet entre was little salmon filets slathered in BBQ sauce, which I simply was in no mood for. There was also a shrimp Cesar salad, and other side-dish items. Also, a roast beef carving station. And TONS of hot dogs and sausages. And popcorn and peanuts and nachos and a large dessert table. Free non-alcoholic beverages. With all that free food up for grabs, the $6.50 beers and $7 wine didn't feel so expensive.
          Flying in from Chicago, I hadn't eaten all day, and I was starved. Keeping ballpark food prices in mind, it's probable that I ate my money's worth. Plus the pregame view from the club area was a cool place to watch batting practice, and my Section 116 seats were AWESOME. The in-seat waiter service for even more free hot dogs, nachos, etc. was appreciated.
          Would I have been just as happy with a Field MVP $65 seat and a trip or two to the lower-level crabcake stand (which I hadn't noticed until the game was pretty much over)? Yes. Definitely yes. But what the hell, I had a fine time either way. Great to be back in D.C.

        2. I have season tix. In response ot your question - as far as I can tell - no. As baconjen said, the sausage and peppers are the best bet I've seen so far - and they are sketchy. I think it's called Dominicks. Be sure you stand in the line where they take them right off the flat top for you. Otherwise, they are cold.

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          1. re: chevychasemdguy

            Ditto to this. The place is definitely Dominick's, and they have several locations scattered throughout RFK. I've had the Bratwurst once and a hot dog another time, both with the peppers and onions. The hot dogs are definitely the best in the stadium--and I also agree you have to get them fresh off the flat top so they are hot and juicy.
            Regarding what Mister Big below about Attman's, I just noticed that the other day as well. I was with my mother-in-law who said she remembers Attman's as a deli in Philly. Not sure if it's the same one and haven't tried it yet, but might be a nice alternative to the hot dog fare. Fellow chowhounders, please comment on Attman's if you've tried it!

          2. I sit in section 217, and nearby is an Attman's deli stand selling corned beef and pastrami sandwiches. I haven't partaken, yet, but am told they're pretty good.

            Where is the crabcake stand on the lower level?

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            1. re: Mister Big

              I wish I could give you a section where it was, or even tell you for sure that it was somewhere down the left field line. The crabcakes weren't in a regular concession booth -- the area was more like a series of small tables on the side of the concourse where t-shirt stands would be. They sold for $13 a platter. I think they sold shrimp there, too. Maybe it's not a regular concession? Maybe trotted out special for the Baltimore series? ...

              1. re: ML in Naperville IL

                I think there are crabcakes in the Terrace area, behind home plate but halfway between upper and lower decks. My husband had one last year and declared it small and mediocre. Me, I stick to the baseball basics at RFK and hope for better next year. I'm never really looking for a grand culinary experience at a ballgame anyway - just some good beers and bring in my own Hoody's peanuts :-)

                1. re: baconjen

                  Guess I should've mentioned that you're allowed to bring in outside food and bottled water. No soft drink or beer. If the bag-checker stops you, ask for another checker. They don't all know the rules.

                  I usually bring a sub from Lucia's or Santucci's.

                  1. re: Mister Big

                    def dominicks, thats usually what i get there. get em fresh though. only problem is the bun gets soggy from the sauteed peppers/onions. still good though. i heard the only other place they have them is in yankee stadium, and it was a big deal for RFK to get their sausages. this true?

                  2. re: baconjen

                    Yeah, I never set my hopes high regarding ballpark food, but every once in a while you hear about gems here and there -- Boog's at Camden Yards; garlic fries in SF; Dodgerdogs in LA; bratwursts in Milwaukee; back in the Montreal days, cheese curds and gravy was a fan fave at the Big O; even the Legal Seafood clam chowder is usually pretty good at Fenway.
                    Knowing that I probably wasn't going to eat all day Friday until I got to RFK, I was interested in what the options were. I hope this thread helps out someone who finds themselves in a similar situation ...