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i found the worst pizza in SD, Regents PIZZA in UTC

I hate to post stuff like this but i went off of a rec on this board that said it was good. Unfortunately, this was far from true. Even the pizza i used to eat in college that was $5 for a large (and a coke) was better than this.

They skimped on all the toppings. Not enough cheese, meat, veggies, etc.
Sauce was adequate, crust was decent, but cmon, who skimps on the ingredients??? especially the cheese and pepperoni. Sausage left a weird flavor in my mouth. What a joke. If someone truly believes that this is good or even avergae pizza, then you should not be posting anything on this board. Or at least refund me my $18 that i spent on my dinner last night.

from now on, im just going to drive all the way down to bronx. I only get pizza every couple weeks so i think i can justify it.

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  1. Re: Bronx Pizza - if you are on the UCSD campus, the Cups outdoor cafe (in the new "quad" area surrounded by the Cal-IT2 building, the Bioengineering Building, and the Computer Science & Engineering Building) brings in a lot of pies from Bronx on Thursdays. Pizza purists probably wouldn't like that they've been sitting a box and an insulator for a few hours, but you can't have everything. :)

    1. Don't forget Lefty's. A worthy alternative to Bronx.

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        There's also Bourgiano's pizza on Miramar which is closer to UTC than Bronx.

      2. To be fair, I did not know about Regents pizza until about two months ago when the family and I was exploring Get 1 Free Magazine. The first time we went there we ordered the thin crust with 3 toppings and quite frankly, we all thought it was pretty good. Good enough to go back to try the deep dish, which we thought was good as well, but we did like the thin crust better. I guess we had a different experience.

        1. I also have to respectfully disagree, as I feel the pizza is more than decent. Though I have not been to Bronx pizza and other well liked pizza places in San Diego, I've definitely been to much worst places -- Fillippi's (sp?) Pizza Grotto comes to mind.

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            I have seen those Fillippi's pizza's - every square inch is certainly dripping with cheese and sauce! Pass the pepto please!

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              I just went to Regents for lunch and found it perfectly acceptable. I had a spinach/ricotta, and a vegetarian. Both were very tasty, with a great thin and crisp crust. I think the OP maybe should give it another shot.

            2. Another pizza place to avoid is Basic in the Gaslamp Quarter. The venue is interesting but the food is lacking. Pizza was burnt on the bottom and extremely skimpy on the toppings. It was a very thin crust pizza, which is fine, but not when it is soggy and droopy...especially when there are very little toppings to weigh it down!

              Also they had only one salad on the menu but it was so drenched with dressing that we could not finish it.

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                ill def avoid Basic. Ive had my fill of pizza places who skimp on the toppings.

                on a side note, went to pizza port and had the one with the artichokes on it, it was DELISH! lots of little kids there but who cares. It was def above average. good everything. ill be going there again. they even had my fav beer.... Yellowtail.

                1. re: long_ballers

                  Next time try some of their own beers. Very good stuff as well.

                  1. re: Josh

                    mmmmmm beer... haha!

                    i will try there swill next time. ill let you know how it stacks up.

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                      The Shark bite red is super good. Also, they have 25 cent wing & cheese stick nights which are fun.

              2. I don't understand all you posters who rave about Bronx Pizza. I grew up in NYC and I just returned from a trip there (before the hurricane). I went to various Pizza places when I was there, one on Long Island, one in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn. All of them were the serve by the slice family owned establishments that I grew up with and all of them served spectacular New York Style pizza. What do I mean by spectacular? The key is the crust, and that is what you San Diegans and Bronx pizza lovers don't know a thing about. Everybody here talks about "thin" crust, but the key to a good New York Style Pizza is not "thin" crust but crispy crust. The crust must be crispy and dripping with oil. There must be just the right amount of sauce and cheese, not too much, but not too little either. I've eaten at Bronx Pizza in San Diego and their Pizza is horrible. The crust is way too thin and soggy, you cannot even lift the slice up to fold it and eat it by hand, the way a good New York Style pizza should be eaten.I'll bet all you Bronx Pizza lovers eat with a fork and knife, give me a break! The closest I've come in San Diego is Hoboken Pizza in Pacific Beach or the little pizza place in Del Mar across the street from the library near the beach that used to be run by this old crotchety Italian guy from New York, but he got old and sold out. But even those examples are really nowhere near the real thing. So, my advice to all you San Diegans is if you want the real thing, after the hurricane stuff blows over (sic!) go to New York and get it there, because there ain't no place here that you can get it.

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                  Goodness - this thread was over 5 years old!

                  But, since it has been revived, has anybody been to Regents Pizzeria lately?

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                    Yes we have. It has improved a lot.

                    First off, we have hit all the top places around town, so have Luigi's, Lefty's, Bronx, Pizza on Pearl and the Sicilian Thing on 30th.

                    And we tried this place a few years ago, when it was certifiably lousy.

                    We like it a fair amount now and feel it is the best place in the area.

                    1. re: Wino

                      Have been to Bronx, Luigi's and Sicilian wouldn't call any of them even remotely top places in SD.

                  2. re: sidinsd

                    Pizzeria Luigi does some pretty good pie. Knock Out Pizza in Mira Mesa does a decent New York style pie. Probably best example of New York style pie I've had here is Long Island Mikes.


                    1. re: RhonelyInsanediego

                      I second Long Island Mikes. Love the pizza there. Great lunch specials too!

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                      Respectfully disagree sidinsd. Former NY'er, now San Diegan for many years. We were in NY post Sandy (were supposed to run the marathon; thanks, Mayor Bloomberg for the timely announcements); had pizza at several places in the City. Had Bronx a few weeks later. Truth, it holds its own against a lot of places in NY. Is it as good as the BEST of NY? Probably not. But I've NEVER had soggy crust from Bronx. If anything sometimes they over re-heat it and burn it. But it's always crispy. Haven't had Hoboken yet; heard great things.

                      1. re: eeeema

                        Exactly right. Bronx Pizza isn't comparable to the top-end pizzerias in New York, but it holds its own against the middle of the road joints.

                        Here's the other thing about Bronx - those guys are the Johnny Appleseed of San Diego pizza. They taught the guys from Sicilian Thing, Luigi's, etc., how to run their own pizzerias. And places that weren't started by Bronx alumni benefited from Bronx turning the locals onto New York style pizza. Before Bronx, you had to look high and low for a decent slice (I should know, my parents spent most of my childhood looking for a decent pizza).

                        Now, that said, I much prefer the pizza at Bruno's and Caffe Calabria, but those are a Neapolitan style pies, which is practically a different thing all together.

                    3. Oddly enough, we attended a birthday party where they served 12 pizzas from Regent's Pizza. Never heard of the place, but everyone enjoyed it and asked where they got the pizza from. It definitely left a good impression on everyone.

                      It's certainly not the best pizza I've had, but far better than the average pizza in SD.