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May 4, 2007 10:52 AM

i found the worst pizza in SD, Regents PIZZA in UTC

I hate to post stuff like this but i went off of a rec on this board that said it was good. Unfortunately, this was far from true. Even the pizza i used to eat in college that was $5 for a large (and a coke) was better than this.

They skimped on all the toppings. Not enough cheese, meat, veggies, etc.
Sauce was adequate, crust was decent, but cmon, who skimps on the ingredients??? especially the cheese and pepperoni. Sausage left a weird flavor in my mouth. What a joke. If someone truly believes that this is good or even avergae pizza, then you should not be posting anything on this board. Or at least refund me my $18 that i spent on my dinner last night.

from now on, im just going to drive all the way down to bronx. I only get pizza every couple weeks so i think i can justify it.

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  1. Re: Bronx Pizza - if you are on the UCSD campus, the Cups outdoor cafe (in the new "quad" area surrounded by the Cal-IT2 building, the Bioengineering Building, and the Computer Science & Engineering Building) brings in a lot of pies from Bronx on Thursdays. Pizza purists probably wouldn't like that they've been sitting a box and an insulator for a few hours, but you can't have everything. :)

    1. Don't forget Lefty's. A worthy alternative to Bronx.

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        There's also Bourgiano's pizza on Miramar which is closer to UTC than Bronx.

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        1. To be fair, I did not know about Regents pizza until about two months ago when the family and I was exploring Get 1 Free Magazine. The first time we went there we ordered the thin crust with 3 toppings and quite frankly, we all thought it was pretty good. Good enough to go back to try the deep dish, which we thought was good as well, but we did like the thin crust better. I guess we had a different experience.

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