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May 4, 2007 10:13 AM

crown heights - anything?

i'm moving to crown heights from south slope, does anyone know of any good eats around nostrand and sterling? or any good delivery places?

thank you!

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  1. Yes - there is a growing number of spots to eat around there.

    Tavern on Nostrand, at Nostrand and President or Union. The menu is on the pricey side, but the food is always good: try the fried chicken and waffles. I usually get the fish special.

    Saje - on Franklin and Park Place. A very nice place for coffee, brunch, lunch or dinner. Free wifi! A nice restaurant at night - I think they call it asian/caribbean.

    Chavella's. On Claussen and Park Place. Very reasonable prices! Excellent food. No liquor license yet.

    Secrets, on Nostrand, btw Park and Prospect. The front is an odd combination - take out Caribbean food, sit-down restaurant that is pretty expensive. The back is a really nice bar - be sure to check it out! You can get nice drinks and appetizers there.

    The spanish restaurant on the corner of Nostrand and Park is good - the grilled chicken and grilled pork.

    Try the bakery on Nostrand, Trinidad Chinese or something like that - btw. Sterling and St. John's, I think. That is great for coconut rolls, currant rolls, etc.

    Gloria's on Sterling and Nostrand for rotis.

    A bit of a walk, but Tavern on Dean is really good too - Dean and Underhill. I guess that is not Crown Heights.

    There is supposed to be a new restaurant - Asian Jazz - opening soon across the street from Tavern on Nostrand (same owner).

    Check, the Crown Heights board, for lots of discussion on these and other places.

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      just wondering if anything else popped up in the past few months? my boyfriend recently moved out there and is having a hard time making it feel homey-- in part due to, what he feels, is a lack of places out there. any coffee shops? cafes? he's on franklin and prospect place-- but will happily bike/walk a little distance to get more of that neighborhoody feel. any thoughts? any and all are welcome. bars, restaurants, cafes... even a good supermarket! hard to find much crown heights info on here. thanks in advance!

      also-- delivery anything would be wonderful to know about! Thanks!

      1. re: jdream


        Try Tom's on Washington - really, a stellar diner/coffee shop. It's a neighborhood institution.

        Cheryl's on Underhill. Amazing sit-down food, nice spacel; also great (but pricey) coffee and muffins to go.

        Sepia on Underhill is a good bar.

        Those are all really more in Prospect Heights, but all in what I would consider the same neighborhood as Franklin and Prospect Pl.

        The Associated on Franklin isn't a bad grocery store.

        1. re: jdream

          i'm on the same block as your boyfriend and have experienced the same sentiment. what i've been doing lately is taking the B65 bus from Bergen and Classon (a couple blocks north) over to the flying saucer on Atlantic ave near 3rd ave. it's only a 10 min bus ride and the bus comes on schedule. also, he can jump on the S shuttle park place stop and take it north to franklin. walk west a few blocks to outpost cafe, a really nice coffee shop with good coffee and nice decor. i found the barista there to be a little bit of a spaced-out snotty hipster, but i've been only once. otherwise, bike over to park slope via grand army. cutting down union st from grand army or biking through the park are the fastest routes.
          in terms of a supermarket, on Washington and I think Lincoln (first block from Eastern Parkway) there is a Key Food that is more than serviceable.
          also (sorry this is getting long) check out Beast on Vanderbilt and i think Bergen. a fine bar with nice outdoor seating (while warm weather lasts). a bit of a walk but okay.
          Sushi Tatsu on Flatbush and park pl is great. surprisingly good cuts of fish, and great sushi rice with just enough vinegar. but I haven't been to the Sushi Tatsu II on Franklin ave (and I think Bergen), which is much closer.

          1. re: bakedalaska

            I'm not a fan of Sushi Tatsu but Gen is actually closer to you (Washington & St. Marks). I like Gen, but it's not like...LOVE, which is generally reserved for Manhattan sushi.

            The Islands has delicious food. Slow, but worthwhile. Washington between Eastern Parkway & Lincoln.

            The nicest grocery store I've found in the area (which is further for Crown Heighters than it is for me) is the Key Food on Flatbush & Sterling. It's small, and some things are necessarily stacked really high to make space (so if there aren't enough staffers around to help, I have to decide whether or not I want said items), but they have some really nice stuff, great beer selection, and are open 24 hours.

            I'm intrigued by Teddy's on Washington between Lincoln and St. John's, which has only been open a few months. Open late for the area, 11pm. Greek and BYOB...seems promising.

        2. re: parkplace

          Thanks for the list! My fiance just moved to the nabe and we're looking forward to trying out all these places.

          1. re: ladypandora

            please post if you discover anything else as well!

            1. re: jdream

              I'm here to second Tavern. A delightful little place with wonderful staff and delicious food. While I wouldn't call the menu adventurous in any way, it's good simple fare (think ceasar salad, roast chicken, clams in white wine broth) and a nice change from the Carribean eats that are a dime a dozen on Nostrand.

              I also want to recommend Exquisite. A bright, clean hole in the wall with curry chicken that melts off the bone and into your mouth. It's on the corner of Nostrand and about five blocks in from Eastern Parkway going towards the LIRR. Forgive me for no exact street! I'm still getting used to the nabe.

              Asian Jazz still isn't open yet but looks very close.

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          1. to say there is "nothing" in Crown Hts is ridiculous. There is a whole neighborhood full of food and people to get to know.. What there arent right now are a lot of are places that are upscale in focus or that cater to incoming yuppies . I thought Chavelas was pretty decent and would be a nice place to sit in as a coffee shop. It also seemed to me that there was a on the corner of Grand and, I think Prospect. The places on Washington arent far - surely Gen delivers as far as Classon.

            1. not sure if this is crown heights, but there is a great senegalese restaurant on fulton named joloff's which is quite good; skip their vegetable platter thing and vegetable pastelles, everything else is very good, esp. the mafe lamb.

              1. my boyfriend told me about an indian place that opened across the street from him (franklin ave off park pl). we're planning to go tonight, so i'll report back, but he's been VERY happy with it-- not sure if the name yet either-- sorry, vague most, more later..