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May 4, 2007 10:13 AM

Lunch in Marda Loop, Altadore, Mt. Royal College Area...?

I work across the street from Mt. Royal College, in what appears to be a culinary waste land and a business associate has requested that I find a place for us to eat lunch next Friday. I can't take a particularly leisurely lunch, so I need to find something in the aforementioned areas. The criteria, it has to be good food and price isn't really an issue. No pub food, no fast food, should have decent service, ethnic is good - but not sushi. It doesn't need a fancy wine list (it is only lunch after all!). I know all of the options in WestHills/Signal Hill (Moxie's, Earl's and the like), but I was hoping for something less mainstream.

Any suggestions?

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  1. San Remo in Garrison Woods (across the street from the Safeway) is quite nice. There's also Alexis (sp?) Bistro, which is good but expensive. It's on 19th Street I believe, closer to 50th.

    1. How about Bistro JoJo? 2215 33rd Ave SW.

      1. San Remo is lovely and the service is outstanding, that would be my first recommendation in the Loop (which has been my stomping grounds for the last 15 years!) For something really nice I second the recommendation of Alexis, But I will also recommend for something more casual Basil's right on 33rd Next door to Wolfmans pub. And while they share a great deal of there menu I assure you you won't be overwhelmed with PUB fair. There baked pasta's are simply massive cheesey oozing baked masterpieces! While the interior leaves much to be desired, the food is really pretty good, especially if you are HUNGRY and need a good carb up! Also they do a bang up breakfast on the weekends!

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          Thanks for the suggestions! We ended up at San Remo today for lunch and had an excellent meal. We both started with the soup. I had the special - which was a potato and cheddar bisque, slightly spicy (perfect!) and not *too* heavy, but perhaps a little salty. My dining companion had the crab and whisky bisque, which she also claimed was excellent. We split an order of the prosciutto and cantaloupe (which also had mascarpone cheese and basil), and was drizzled with a light vinaigrette. A great refreshing appetizer to our main course. Both of us had the seared beef tenderloin with pepper-crusted goat cheese on fresh mixed greens. The steak was perfectly tender, not a huge serving - but just right for lunch. There were lots of beautiful greens and they didn't skimp on the goat cheese. I don't remember the exact dressing, but it was vinaigrette-based (with balsamic, I'm pretty sure). I finished with an apricot sorbet and my associate had a cappucino. All in all, an excellent lunch choice and I hope to go back for dinner soon. I think the total for everything (including a Shirley Temple and a cranberry/soda) was about $74, including tax and tap.

        2. Can anyone report on JOJO's since it moved?