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May 4, 2007 10:10 AM

Splurge dinner (boss is paying)

My husband ended the fiscal year as a hero. His boss told him to take me to dinner & splurge. I'm all open for ideas. We are not into french food...have been to Babbo many times & love it, but are looking for a different place this March but know it's closed...went to Daniel once & we loved it. We enjoy tasting menus paired with wine. Ok, Chowhouds...please chime in with where you would go if your boss gave you the same offer.

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  1. You say you're not into French food but loved Daniel? Hmmm.... So, does that mean Eleven Madison Park is out? Chef Daniel Humm's cuisine is French-inspired but not classic French. (Not that Daniel is classic French either.) EMP is taking something of a beating on the overrated thread, but it's still my first pick for a sensational tasting dinner with wine pairings.

    1. I would recommend Del Posto...they offer two different tasting menus on is 5 course and one is 7 courses with that you can add wine pairings....and the restaurant is beautiful inside!

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          Excellent, of course, but they don't offer a tasting menu.

        2. What about Toqueville?

          1. Aureole tasting menu with the wine. AWESOME.