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May 4, 2007 09:58 AM

Mercer Kitchen after Bruni

I am planning a special dinner for 5 women in late May and have a reservation at Mercer Kitchen. After reading the postings I am considering changing my plans. Has anyone been to Mercer after Bruni's review? Any other ideas of places where I could actually get a reservation? I admit that Mercer was the last on my list but the only one I could get a reservation. Now I know why! We want to stay below 14th street. thanks.

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  1. Go across the street to Lure. It's nice enough for a special dinner.

    1. Perhaps my opinion may not be considered with much value because I'm not a NYer, but a few months ago, I had gone to Mercer Kitchen. I didn't have dinner but did have lunch there and it was actually good. It was not out-of-this-world amazing but I didn't really have anything to complain about either. So if you cannot score any other reservations and have to take Mercer Kitchen, hopefully the food will be good enough to make your dinner enjoyable.

      1. i was there two weeks ago. I must confess off the bat though i always get the same exact thing so if you are interestd, read on.

        I sometimes get raw sampling (which has been delciiosu and fresh) and ALWAYS get the warm shrimp salad and the tuna wasabi pizza. It is unreal.

        1. I think everyone should at least go to Mercer Kitchen at least once if they are in NY. The food is good even if I have had better in NY, but the decor is why you should go there. It is a very nice place. The shrimp salad with a champagne vinaigrette is excellent.