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May 4, 2007 09:56 AM

Recommendation request: Best dim sum in D.C. area & Chinese grocery stores

I am new to this board and to the area, and would appreciate any leads on the best dim sum places in the area (D.C. and suburbs), and a good, comprehensive Chinese grocery store. I just moved to D.C. from NYC, grew up on Southern Chinese cooking, and regularly go out for dim sum with family and friends, so I won't feel fully at home until I figure out where to go around here! I have tried some of the places in D.C.'s Chinatown, including Tony Cheng's, and was not thrilled. I've also seen a number of posts on dim sum, but would be curious to know if previously recommended restaurants are still good, etc. I live in D.C. now, so any recommendations for D.C. Chinatown or MD/VA suburbs would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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  1. I really enjoy the Dim Sum lunch buffet that is available on weekdays only at the Lucky Three restaurant in Fall Church. I think it's $9.99 but it's a great deal at that price they have most of my favorite Dim Sum items. For $1 extra, you get the clams as well.

    There may be those that disagree, so let the flaming begin.

    1. I love Oriental East in Silver Spring--about two blocks from metro. They have carts on the weekends and holidays and dim sum from menus during the week. Waits can be extensive, so I try to get there around 10:45, which ensures a seat when they open at 11.

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        My family and friends will second, third and tenth Oriental East. We really love it and have been going for years. I've never been dissappointed. I recently tried the new Lucky Three dim sum lunch buffet (twice) in Bailey's Crossroads on Rt. 7 and thought it was quite good, definitely better than the Maxim's it replaced, which was awful. There were a lot of other decent selections on the buffet as well, including jook with preserved egg and roast pork. Even if you normally avoid buffets, which I do, give this one a try. They probably have a more extensive selection of dim sum and serve from carts on the weekends, however.

      2. I don't care for Oriental East, but that's just me.

        As for grocery stores, my favorite is Super H Mart in Fairfax (I think that's where it is). It's Korean, but they have everything and a huge fish selection (at least on weekends). Lots of people also like Great Wall. I live in Montgomery County, so unless I'm buying a lot, I tend to go to Hung Phat (Thai) in Wheaton or Thai Market in Silver Spring. Duangrat's market in Falls Church is small but good too.

        1. There's probably a dozen threads on this in just the past year.

          I think that New Fortune in Gaithersburg and Hollywood East Cafe on the Boulevard in Wheaton are the best. Oriental East is a close second. Avoid Good Fortune.

          IMO, none of the places in VA or DC (and I've eaten at ALL of them) measure up to the 3 best in MoCo.

          1. Great Wall Supermarket in Merrifield on Gallows Road. It's HUGE. I go to this place with my cousin for dim sum that is near Eden Center; I think it is called Maxim but I never noticed the name. Really though, I wait until I get to NYC or the West Coast for dim sum -- love Dim Sum Go Go! If you are looking for Metro accesible dim sum, the only place I know if is China Garden in Rosslyn.

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              If you are talking about the Maxim that is on Rt. 7 near Bailey's Crossroads, that is now called Lucky Three. It changed names awhile back.