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May 4, 2007 09:48 AM

Where can I get good corn tortillas in Toronto?

The ones from Kensington Market are dry and only suitable for frying. I need the freshest possible. I've made them from Maeseca and found that I am unable to get them as thin as they should be.

Any help would be appreciated.

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    1. re: acd123

      You can't get truly authentic corn tortillas in Toronto, since an authentic tortilla (with no preservatives, not frozen) will go stale literally within hours of being made.

      In Mexico, many neighbourhoods have small tortillerias, where people buy just made tortilla,at 6 Pesos, about 70 cents for a kilo, when I was there, take them home, and eat them the same day. Some of ther best tacos I have ever had was in a hole-in-the-wall place in Ajijic, where the tortillas were made (on a wooden press that looked like something left over from the Aztecs) minutes before being made into tacos.

      1. re: ekammin

        I agree about the small tortillerias in Mexico - I stayed with a family there and every day before lunch one of the daughters used to go and buy a great stack of fresh tortillas, hot off the press, and carry the stack back on the outstretched palm of her hand. (She had great posture!!)

        Why not call El Trompo, 277A Augusta Avenue (at Oxford), Toronto, Ontario, M5T 2L4, 416-260-0097 and see if they make their own from scratch, and if so would they sell you some? It's been a while since I ate there so I can't remember if the tortillas seemed freshly made.

        1. re: KitchenVoodoo

          Did anyone find out if El Trompo will sell tortillas fresh?

    2. i've had good luck with the ones available from 'Edgars Latin Foods'

      (queensway and royal york)

      1. Your best option: Sabores Latinos at the St. Lawrence farmer's market on Saturday mornings. The owner's name is Andy Rattray. He sells the best soft corn tortillas I have ever found in Toronto. The ones at Perola et al have tons of preservatives and other junk in them. Andy's corn tortillas are organic and super fresh. He also has other stuff like guac, salsa, frozen empanadas, etc. etc.

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        1. re: acd123

          Whereabouts in the market is Sabores?

          1. re: jamesm

            Centre isle, on the west side, the second (maybe third) stall north of the entrance.