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May 4, 2007 09:37 AM

What can I do with frozen cheese ravioli?

I've got some frozen cheese ravs that I would like for dinner tonight. I'm just tired of the same old tomato sauce that I serve with them.

Any ideas on some new, yummy ways to eat them? Either a different sauce, or casserole or something? I'm heading to the grocery store after work, so it's not a problem to pick up ingredients.

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  1. You could serve them with a basil pesto sauce; you could dip them in bread crumbs and fry them St. Louis style. You could layer them in a greased baking dish with or without layers of cooked, seasoned ground meat OR spinach, and some sauce, Plus Mozz cheese and Parmesan, for "Easy Lasagna".

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      I was thinking of the easy lasagna idea, too. In a casserole with some blanched spinach, some bechamel and whatever cheese you like. Pretty tasty sounding, I may have to give it a shot myself.

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        raviolis make a terrific lasagne, however you sauce/layer quick, easy, and delicious...i've passed it off as homemade lasagne done with homemade pasta noodles myself, and no one was the wiser...always gets raves! (i laugh, to myself)

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          I'm definitely going to try this. Quick question you cook the ravioli first, or layer them frozen and bake?

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            just thaw them by leaving them out...while you prepare the other ingredients to personalize your "lasagne" (wink, wink)
            try this dish...i believe you'll love's a real keeper

    2. I posted a similar question a while back about store-bought ravioli when I was looking for some different ideas on what to do with them. There were several interesting responses. Here's the thread for your reference:

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        Thanks Dana, I tried to do a search, but know.

      2. How about toasted pine nuts, fresh basil & parmesan with olive oil and/or butter?

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          If you are feeling adventurous, FRY them! Or make a gratin with cream butter and parmesan. How about brown butter and sage, yum, and if you can throw some butternut squash in the mix. I am hungry...I need lunch!

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            Giada has a great recipe for Fried Ravioli, which is a popular snack in St. Louis. Just dip them in buttermilk, coat in seasoned breadcrumbs, and fry until golden brown. And you can use a marinara sauce for dipping, too.


        2. If you have a lot of energy you could make a heavenly roasted veggie stew to serve over them. Start by caramelizing a large sweet onion-(takes forever but soo worth it) Then add about a cup of white wine to onions after the are really brown and yummy. Roast an eggplant, red pepper and whole chunks of garlic tossed wth olive oil salt and pepper in a hot oven. When roasted veggies are done toss them in with the onion white wine mix and stir. Serve the whole mess over cooked Raviolis with good parm. This combo makes the house smell so good.

          1. i got a recipe from that is my favorite... but to summarize, you take 1/2 lb ground beef or tureky and saute it up, add a can of marinara (or other pasta sauce) and a 14oz can of diced tomatoes (I also add some hot pepper flakes). Put some sauce on the bottom of a 9x13. layer with frozen ravioli, a handful of shredded mozzarela, and then sauce. Repeat. ending with sauce. cook at 350 for about 45 minutes covered. then top with handful of either mozzarela or parmasean cheese and cook for 10 or so more minutes and serve. The sauce thickens nicely and the ravioli's come out nice and tender. it is the new way that I now cook the standard ravioli's and sauce.

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              You could also do a variation on the black pepper - pecorino sauce (see LA Times Food cookbook review of "Lidia's Italy" - link still has recipes....) - but it's basically crushed black peppercorns tossed with pasta and lightened with the cooking water...