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May 4, 2007 09:34 AM

Where to find Nathan's Natural Casing Dogs...

to take with me to Wisconsin next week. Apparently, my brother has been told that Nathan's is THE BEST hot dog and wants me to get some for him to try. As you may already know from my post of about a month ago, we will be arriving in Chicago on Wednesday, 5/9 (and I have my list of all the wonderful reqs right next to my ticket!!) and will be staying at the Days Inn in Lincoln Park North (thank you for that, as well! - you guys are the best!). We will be driving from Chicago to Hayward, WI where my brother lives and celebrating my niece's 1st birthday with a BBQ. I will be making Carne Asada and we will be having Brats (of course).
However, my brother has tasked me with procuring Nathan's Natural Casings dogs for him somewhere along the way. I have determined that somewhere in a big city would probably be best - hence, this post. I have already told him that I will also be bringing some of the much-acclaimed-by-my-Chicago-transplant-friends-as-well-as-people-on-this-board: the Vienna Beef Dogs (they come with natural casing, right). I think I can get them at the Vienna Beef Factory outlet. I will also get some sport peppers and the neon green relish there.
So, any advice on where (preferrably near the Lincoln Park area, but wherever is fine) I can find Nathan's?
Thank you in advance for your wonderful support and help! You are the best.

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  1. Any major grocery store (Jewel, Dominicks) should have them. Also they will have the relish and the most likely the sports peppers. I don't think there is a need to go the factory unless you want too.

    1. As the above poster stated, some Jewel stores have them.

      Vienna dogs are ok, but the best in my humble opinion are Best Kosher hot dogs.

      1. As mentioned, any Jewel or Dominick's generally has Nathan's. For a fun twist; grab a pack of Best Kosher & Vienna and put them though a taste test.

        I did this with a few friends & neighbors last year and the unanimous wiener was Best Kosher followed by Vienna. Nathan's and Hebrew National did not even come close in the scoring!

        BTW: we also had a couple New Yorkers in the mix, which is what prompted the hot dog contest party in the first place.

        1. Be careful. The only Nathans dogs I've seen in Chicago are NOT natural casing and don't compare to natural casing. Try the Boars Head natural casing franks available at Treasure Island on Broadway & Cornelia about an 8 block walk from your hotel.
          IMHO better than Vienna beef & Nathans natural casings

          1. I know that you can find the Vienna and the Best Kosher dogs in all the major grocery stores but you mentioned natural casings. I think that you may get more selection at the VB factory-I never find casing dogs except sometimes at the deli counters. Just did not want you to be disappointed. For my 2 cents-the neon green relish is over rated! You will have to try the Wisconsin groceries for Usingers-they have a lot of natural casing wieners in the stores and they are quite good-this from a Vienna nad Best Kosher fan. Best Kosher has a coarser grind that I do not care for as much.

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              I will through in another suggestion a little bit of a trip from the Days Inn - But Romanian Kosher Sausage Company at touhy and clark (7200 N) - IMO makle the best hot dogs in the city - for a spicier dog try their Garlic Dogs -