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May 4, 2007 09:25 AM

Mint Juleps Anyone?

Time for my annual Mint Julep with the derby this weekend. Instead of having it at a Bar. I am making it myself. Any tips or advice?

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  1. They can be a simple or complex as you want.
    The easiest way --

    Take a julep cup (or other rocks glass)
    .25 oz simple syrup
    2 oz makers or other good bourbon
    Fill halfway with crushed ice.

    Stir a few times. Fill to the top with more crushed ice, creating a small mound over the top. Add 3-4 big mint springs.

    You can alse use the same recipe but add change the simple from 1/4 oz, to 1tsp and add 1 tsp of peach brandy.

    1. I like a very minty julep, so I make a mint simple syrup mixture by melting the sugar in water (adjust to desired sweetness) the pouring the hot syrup over a bunch of chopped mint. I let this steep and then pour it over ice with a shot or two of bourbon (I use Woodford Reserve).

      1. I don't mind the mint in my drink, so i put a good bit of mint (5 or 6 leaves I'm guessing) in the bottom of the glass along with a little granulated sugar. Then I gently muddle, enough to bruise the mint but not obliterate it. After that I add the syrup (easier to dissolve) and bourbon. Usually i just use a few cubes of ice since I'm without an ice crusher.

        1. ye-ah, mah hun jest brought home some knob creek bourbon. y'all gotta have a nuh-ice mint julep tuhmorrah. ah have some mint growin in pots on mah back deck .

          ok, that's too hard to type (southern accent)

          then again, it's cinco de mayo too.

          though i don't think it'd be a good idea to mix bourbon and tequila...... *big wink*

          so should i make up some simple syrup and steep the mint overnight?

          we had some last year but i made the syrup in the morning. all i remember was the first one was kind of harsh. the ones that ensued went down easier and easier......

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          1. re: hitachino

            Steeping the mint overnight might be too much and make it bitter. 15-20 minutes of steeping should be fine.

            1. re: sku

              Okay, Derby day is over, so I'm late, but mint juleps are so good! They shouldn't just be a derby day event. Many of the above recipies aren't minty enough in my opinion. I take four or so good-sized sprigs of mint (and an extra one to plop in at the end as garnish). Muddle the mint with sugar and bourbon or simple syrup and bourbon. Really muddle it well, pour over crushed ice, and then bruise the additional sprig well so you get a nice noseful with every sip. It's heavenly.

              1. re: watercress

                ours were really quite good this year as well. i remember last year we used makers mark and this year it was knob creek....not being a bourbon afficionado, i guess i must like knob creek best.

                i made the simple syrup with the crushed mint around mid-morning and put it in the fridge, added fresh mint to each glass of crushed ice and kept the old mint in each glass while adding more -- i might even have to make them more than once a year.

                gotta let my spearmint plant get back some of its leaves first.....

          2. A handful of mint leaves, add a bit of superfine sugar and muddle. Add a splash of soda water to loosen it all up. Add ice to mostly fill the glass, then add 2 to 2.5 oz. of bourbon and top with another splash of soda water. Give it a little stir and be very happy.

            This is basically the same as Alton Brown's technique from Good Eats: