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May 4, 2007 09:10 AM

Happy Hour TONIGHT that is filling but not fried

I am looking for happy hour specials in Arlington or DC where we can get a lot to eat for not a lot of money. beer specials could be an afterthought. Also, we are looking for a lot of food but not only fried bar food (non fried bar food is ok) and cheap burgers (although if anyone knows of turkey or chicken burgers, I am all ears!)

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  1. Easy- the food at Eleventh Street is excellent, happy hour runs from 4-8 PM, get there early, and the food isn't too expensive either. Lots of 5 dollar martini style drinks, 2.50 stellas and one other beer, 5 dollar food that is truly excellent.

    1. Heritage India has cheap martinis and half priced small plates - a whole page worth - all during happy hour.

      1. i like the Eleventh Street idea. jpschust has a lot of good ideas! I decided I want to stick to NoVA for the night. Perhaps I could explore. I still haven't made my way to anyplace besides old town and shirlington in NoVA. any recommendations for happy hour at Pentagon Row, Falls Church, Clarendon...

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          Falls church- I know Claire and Don's has a nice hh, clarendon- I know that ragtime has cheap drinks, but the food is just ok

        2. Ri Ra Irish Bar in Clarendon has really good and cheap happy hour food menu. You can also take a look at this link for a list of happy hour specials (it mostly focuses on drink specials, but there is some food mentioned),

          1. Madhatter has half price apps as does Capital City Brew. Check out