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May 4, 2007 09:09 AM

New Restaurant in Quincy - Firefly BBQ

Last night we had dinner at the newly opened Firefly BBQ in the old Redwood Tavern location (corner of Adams St/Furnace Brook Parkway).

The service was a little chaotic - the front of the house seemed frazzled and we had two waitresses which got a little confusing (I think one was training the other). Nothing too serious though considering it was only their third night open and they were very busy for early on a Thursday night.

For an appetizer we had the cracklin' bread which was basically like a cheese, onion and bacon pizza cut up and served with a cheese dipping sauce. It was tasty, but not outstanding. I probably would skip next time.
To drink we had iced tea which was house brewed and really good.

I should point out that I am not a BBQ expert so I cannot comment on how authentic the meat was. I can only tell you that the sauces were excellent (and varied, you got a choice of six and there is a sauce and condiment bar so you can try them all if you want before you order). They ranged from mild to spicy with hot sauce available if you wanted extra heat. Between us we had ribs, beef brisket and chicken. The chicken was the pick of the evening - very tender with a strong, smoky flavor. The beef was a hit too. The ribs were a little tough, but did have a great taste.
Sides were mixed - I had the grilled corn on the cob and BBQ baked beans which were great. The mac and cheese and corn bread on the other hand were nothing special.

Overall, I would give this place a thumbs up. They were definitely still working out some kinks with it being a new opening and the waitstaff were still finding their feet. I also felt it was a little bit "gimmicky" as opposed to being a nice, basic BBQ place like Redbones.
However, the food was solid, and prices were certainly reasonable. More importantly, for me at least, it adds something new and different to the dining scene in Quincy.

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  1. We frequent the Firefly's in Marlboro, MA quite often and it is always wonderful. I agree with you about the flatbread - we had it once and that was enough (nothing special). For an app that is really different, try the deep-fried pickles. They are delish! We've also found that their fried chicken dishes (especially their Southern fried chicken) were some of the best fried chicken we ever had. The sauces are unique. I think once they work the kinks out of their new location, you will really enjoy this place.

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      I went to the new Firefly's in Quincy yesterday for the Sunday all you can eat buffet. The price is now $16.99 per person not including drinks. Steve Uliss, the owner was there checking with the customers as to how their food was. I asked Steve when is he going to open up a Firefly's on the north shore? He stated that he's working on it. I hope this is true. I had diced beef brisket, pulled pork, pulled chicken, mac & cheese and plenty of bbq ribs. I also had a fried chicken wing. The chicken wing was golden brown, juicy and not oily. Everything was hot, fresh and very good. The restaurant was busy for Mothers Day. They had to keep re-filling the food at the buffet station. I like the new Firefly's in Quincy on Adams Street and will return.

    2. We've been there twice already. LOVE IT! The first night we ordered their version of a pu-pu platter and had a great time playing around with all the sauces. I ordered a chicken po-boy. It was huge and succulent. Hubby , aka "The Brisket King", couldn't stop raving. BTW, he lived in Oklahoma for awhile, so I trust his BBQ expertise *wink*

      The second time around was on a busy Sunday. We sat in the lounge, watched the Sox, drank beer, and feasted on pulled chicken, catfish, and ribs. We took enough home for two entire meals.

      Service was a bit harried, but pleasant. I expect it'll work out.

      One thing I'm not crazy about are their hand-cut potato chips. But then again I'm not really a potato chip fan.

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      1. re: xo_kizzy_xo

        Do they have a decent beer selection? I would love to see it match Redbones, but I must have realistic expectations.

        1. re: mkel34

          nope, just your average stuff: bud and miller

      2. I don't get it, I don't think this place is all that great. I tried firefly's in framingham a few years ago and thought it tasted pretty crappy - too bad I can't remember what I had and my boyfriend agreed that his food was equally as bad.

        Then a new location opens up in quincy (literally down the street) so we had to give it another go. We got take out- I believe we ordered the appetizer that included: wings, ribs, and some pulled pork sliders. The wings were okay, nothing great, and the pulled pork was decent - but kind of dry, I did enjoy the ribs though. We also ordered a side of deep fried pickles which were pretty much the same as everything else - "okay"

        Then I went again last friday and had a better experience. I had the half order of chicken which was actually pretty damn tasty and very moist (even the breast). I had it basted with the n.carolina sauce (which I didn't really taste a lot of). My boyfriend ordered the pulled pork sliders (he only eats pulled pork at bbq joints) and they were just as dry as the last time. I had him go to the condiment station and grab some samples of the s.carolina sauce and thought it was pretty horrible.

        All in all, firefly's is "just okay" it's a new place to go to in the neighborhood, but if I want better bbq I'd rather go to blue ribbon, uncle pete's, or spitfire. FIrefly's reminds me of a national chain as well....kind of like an applebee's that serve's bbq.

        also, what is up with their mac n cheese? Why can't they serve good ol southern style mac n cheese? You know, the kind that you can slice with a knife and it stays together because it's binded really well.

        oh and sorry for the lame descriptions - I should've made this post right after I ate my food (;

        1. Always been a huge fan of Firefly's! Love their sauce selections, especially their spicy Beelzebar Sauce. Love the St. Louis style ribs. Steve knows his BBQ and has won many competitions.

          Saw some notes on the pulled pork being dry.. Well they give you plenty of sauce selections at the salad bar so add some more sauce to it! I'd rather have it on the dry side and add the amount of sauce I like to it.

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          1. re: mjg0725

            "Saw some notes on the pulled pork being dry.. Well they give you plenty of sauce selections at the salad bar so add some more sauce to it! I'd rather have it on the dry side and add the amount of sauce I like to it."

            my boyfriend said the same thing....but I still like it to be a little moist!!!!! I hate drenching pulled pork in bbq sauce, but hey everyone's different

            1. re: bitsubeats

              Pulled pork should NOT be dry. I would give their pulled pork major thumbs down if it were dry as I don't care for sauce drenched BBQ.

              I'm curious to try this place in the next couple weeks. Do customers have to go to the condiment station or are they provided with your meal if you ask for them? Does anyone recall whether or not they had vinegar? Anyone try the slaw or collards?

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                I had the collards, they were kinda bland...not enough pork flavour and not enough salt.

          2. I went there with my family for Mother's Day and had a good meal. They were telling customer's the wait was 1.5 hours, but thankfully a call ahead allowed us to wait only about 10 minutes or so by the time we arrived.

            I'm no BBQ expert by any means, but I would say the food met our expectations. We had pulled pork, ribs, the chicken, steak, beef brisket, fried pickles, fried catfish, and the fried calamari. The 'classic' BBQ dishes were definitely better than the others. I thought the appetizers were good, but not great, as were the sides (anything from veggies, corn on the cob to the sweet potato pudding). Thought the ribs were fabulous, and the pulled pork I had was not dry at all, though I really wanted some bread with it.

            Didn't venture to try any of the sauces (as we were seated in the Dante's Lounge area). Service was decent, though sparse. Was surprised how long the wait was, given there were a number of open tables. It seemed like the hiccups were on the ratio of waitstaff to tables, and the take out was keeping them super busy all night. I like this as an additional option in Quincy, and the fact that's it only about 5 minutes away makes the take out an all-too-tempting option.