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May 4, 2007 09:03 AM

"High" Tea on Saturday

Want to go to traditional tea next Saturday, but I only knew of the Plaza. Are there any other places in the city for tea service, and preferably one where a toddler will not be frowned upon?


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  1. there are many other hotels that do afternoon tea, but i'm not sure if they are appropriate for a toddler. i have recently been to the St. Regis, which was lovely. But i don't think it's the most toddler-friendly place. How about Alice's tea Cup (multiple locations)? They have different afternoon tea options, and are very kid friendly (i think they even offer a kid's tea).

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      second alice's tea cup. definitely kid friendly.

    2. Gordon Ramsey at The London, BG at Berdorf Goodman, St. Regis

      1. The Mandarin Oriental has afternoon tea on Saturdays. The food, tea and view are fanastic and I think you would be fine bringing your little one.

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          Second Mandarin Oriental. Always reliable and great for family

        2. If it is convenient to head uptown, the Harlem Tea Room offers a high tea. Their website is