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time out mag says quaint restaurant in sunnyside is best in queens anyone been?

whats to order?

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  1. There's a short menu which changes on occasion, but special items every night (they're closed Tuesdays). Went last week and had a bunch of specials - really nice chicken liver pate and sausage platter. There was a terrific banana springroll with drizzle of chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

    They have all you can eat mussels on Monday nights, wide selection of wines, garden seating. A nice, mellow atmosphere.

    1. Quaint is my favorite restaurant in the neighborhood (much better than Bliss). The food is carefully prepared and consistently good. I've had the all-you-can-eat mussels--sweet and fresh--and I always order whatever the special is. Some tasty specials: a seafood salad with a light, mayonaisey dressing, fat grilled bratwurst with a potato salad, house-cured smoked salmon with an orange cream dressing. Don't miss the guinness chocolate cake for dessert.

      1. We had dinner at Quaint tonight. Nice atmosphere, but I think the food is better at La Flor in Woodside. We had the mac and cheese, pretty tasty. My husband had the burger, the bun was from a package and the burger ordered medium rare came medium. The fries however were really good. I had the special, a ribeye. It had a lot of flavor and came with roast potatoes. I had a good yogurt pannacotta with blueberry sauce. They need to find better bread, baguette was awful.

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          They do have a problem with getting the meat temps right at Quaint. I always order medium well when I want medium. Sometimes I end up with medium.

        2. I'v eaten at Quaint three times now and was impressed only the first. The menu purports to be farm-fresh, but it's dull and uninspired. The wine list is interesting and inexpensive... but the waitstaff seems a bit clueless--they couldn't answer simple questions about the ingredients. You can't go wrong with wine or mussels, but the rest is something a deent cook can do better at home.

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            i actually think their mussels are kind of weird. i want to love them and go for the ayce special, but i find the creamy carroty sauce way too sweet.
            quaint is always a let down for me. but i agree, their fries are pretty darned good.

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              i was thinking that i was the one outlier that felt ambivalent about quaint. it's a cute atmosphere and i love the way the place is decorated. but, for the price and expectation of this place, i was disappointed with my meal. not to say it was bad - far from that, but just plain. nothing blew me away, but indeed - the fries and the bisque were good.

              i've been in the area for several months now, and the one place i go to consistently and even weekly is de mole. i went to quaint once and struggle to find a reason to go back, unfortunately.

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                Quaint is okay... it's good if you want a simple, tasty, American meal. It's also reasonably priced. I find myself there on Fri nights in the winter, if I had a long week at work and just want to eat somewhere close by and am too tired to cook. Definitely better than new Bliss, but not as good as old Bliss.

          2. Best in all of Queens? I can't agree with that. I like Quaint just fine, but I wouldn't rave over it. I like it because it's close and the food is decent. The atmosphere is nice.
            Their hangar steak is pretty good. The fries are consistently excellent. Their salads
            always seem to leave something to be desired. Tried a grilled shrimp appetizer there on Sunday. The shrimp was overcooked and the succotash was covered in a gross gel-like mucuousy substance. Not sure what it was, but it was unpleasant to see coming off the fork. Grilled salmon dish was good. Not great. Nothing there is ever really super tasty, that I tell people they HAVE to have it. Desserts are pretty good. Their carrot cake is quite nice, but it's a special, not always offered. I feel like the chef could get a little more adventurous. Especially since the menu is so small, and they have staples like mac and cheese and burgers for people to fall back on if they don't like to be adventurous.

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              really? you liked the steak? i didn't think it was anything special. i was happier with the steaks that people throw on a backyard grill at a bbq than at quaint, unfortunately.

              i really, really want to love quaint - it's such a nice addition to the neighborhood. nothing more, nothing less.

              also, across the way at tj's asian bistro - i haven't been back since my first trip there a few months ago. the udon we had was one of the worst ever. tasteless and bland, i've had better instant udon than theirs. anyone been there lately?

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                Yeah, it's not great. I guess I prefer the sauce more than the cut of the meat. But I have had better steaks at Outback Steakhouse and that's not joke. I agree...I want to love it, but I just can't...yet. I like the atmosphere and a few of the menu items enough to keep going back, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to other people. As for TJ Asian, I've had mixed experiences. I've been about 7 times and I must admit I usually go for the same things, so I'm not a great judge, but I do like the spicy eel maki, the avocado salad. The veggie spring rolls with thai chil sauce are okay. Not fabulous. I have also had one of the noodle dishes and felt it was lacking in taste.

            2. I don't think TONY has any clue what the outer boroughs are all about.

              Although to be fair, I think the award was for best NEW restaurant in Queens, which Quaint may qualify as in some people's mind.

              1. even with the smaller menu, i think quaint is a lovely place. both the new bliss bistro and quaint, about fifty feet from each other, would be worth a trip. I saw people eating dinner at the bar reading a book, which seems like a great idea. the chef is under utilized and you would not know he is as good as he is, but i have never had a bad meal there. i am hoping the owner will re-expand the menu as business and "the new skillman" heats up. nice atmosphere.

                1. I think I may have to give it another shot, but when I was there, the waitress was pretty rude to my girlfriend, and the food was eh, at best. I ordered the burger. It was fine, but nothing special, and I think that pretty much sums up the menu. It's a fine neighborhood place to catch a beer and a bite, but nothing really worth going out of your way for in my opinion.

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                    i completely agree with NYE. not worth the trip, though i will most likely give this place a try again since i'm in the area.

                    nickalex, i respectfully disagree with some of your dining choices in sunnyside. i'm curious to see what you think of other sunnyside staples, such as de mole, hemsin, bcd - the korean tofu place, and the more ethnic varieties in the 'hood? i'm not crazy about quaint and i don't think i'll ever step foot in dazie's, as you mentioned in another post as a go-to place in sunnyside.