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May 4, 2007 08:57 AM

time out mag says quaint restaurant in sunnyside is best in queens anyone been?

whats to order?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. There's a short menu which changes on occasion, but special items every night (they're closed Tuesdays). Went last week and had a bunch of specials - really nice chicken liver pate and sausage platter. There was a terrific banana springroll with drizzle of chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

      They have all you can eat mussels on Monday nights, wide selection of wines, garden seating. A nice, mellow atmosphere.

      1. Quaint is my favorite restaurant in the neighborhood (much better than Bliss). The food is carefully prepared and consistently good. I've had the all-you-can-eat mussels--sweet and fresh--and I always order whatever the special is. Some tasty specials: a seafood salad with a light, mayonaisey dressing, fat grilled bratwurst with a potato salad, house-cured smoked salmon with an orange cream dressing. Don't miss the guinness chocolate cake for dessert.

        1. We had dinner at Quaint tonight. Nice atmosphere, but I think the food is better at La Flor in Woodside. We had the mac and cheese, pretty tasty. My husband had the burger, the bun was from a package and the burger ordered medium rare came medium. The fries however were really good. I had the special, a ribeye. It had a lot of flavor and came with roast potatoes. I had a good yogurt pannacotta with blueberry sauce. They need to find better bread, baguette was awful.

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            They do have a problem with getting the meat temps right at Quaint. I always order medium well when I want medium. Sometimes I end up with medium.

          2. I'v eaten at Quaint three times now and was impressed only the first. The menu purports to be farm-fresh, but it's dull and uninspired. The wine list is interesting and inexpensive... but the waitstaff seems a bit clueless--they couldn't answer simple questions about the ingredients. You can't go wrong with wine or mussels, but the rest is something a deent cook can do better at home.

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              i actually think their mussels are kind of weird. i want to love them and go for the ayce special, but i find the creamy carroty sauce way too sweet.
              quaint is always a let down for me. but i agree, their fries are pretty darned good.

              1. re: tracyk

                i was thinking that i was the one outlier that felt ambivalent about quaint. it's a cute atmosphere and i love the way the place is decorated. but, for the price and expectation of this place, i was disappointed with my meal. not to say it was bad - far from that, but just plain. nothing blew me away, but indeed - the fries and the bisque were good.

                i've been in the area for several months now, and the one place i go to consistently and even weekly is de mole. i went to quaint once and struggle to find a reason to go back, unfortunately.

                1. re: Linda

                  Quaint is okay... it's good if you want a simple, tasty, American meal. It's also reasonably priced. I find myself there on Fri nights in the winter, if I had a long week at work and just want to eat somewhere close by and am too tired to cook. Definitely better than new Bliss, but not as good as old Bliss.