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May 4, 2007 08:55 AM

Chinese Bakery in the San Fernando Valley?

Anyone know a decent Chinese bakery in the San Fernando Valley? My boundaries would be Northridge, Thousand Oaks, Encino, West Hills. I'm looking for something like J&J, Cathy Bakery, or Kee Wah in the San Gabriel Valley. A place that has good cakes that are not super sweet.


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  1. Tour Les Jours in the Galleria market at Reseda and Devonshire. Good cakes but a bit pricy. For a cheaper option, Weinie Bakery at Reseda and Prairie makes good cakes. Depending on what kind/size you want, you may have to order it a day or two ahead of time, but they usually have a few "standard" cakes readymade.

    1. Their is Van's Bakery on Valley just east of San Gabriel blvd. I think the Bakery opened with in the last year. Cakes, boba, deli. My wife and I bought a couple slices of the different cakes they offer at their counter and they where really good.

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        Is there a Van's Bakery in the San Fernando Valley???

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          No, I don't believe so, but you could check out Hing Lung Bakery on Coldwater Canyon and Sherman Way (in the same plaza as Pho 999 and Pollo Mundial a la Lena) -- not within your boundaries but maybe worth the extra 10-15 mins drive.

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            How about the Bakery at 99 Ranch Market at Sepulveda and Victory.

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                How about a Korean bakery? Winnetka & Saticoy.

        2. there is a very good bakery in San Fernando on Maclay Ave. Their cakes are so delicious and light and decorations are made to your specifications. Very good!!!!!

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            Bobbie do you have any idea of the name or where on Maclay Ave. it might be located? My friends would go to Goldilocks bakery, which is very good. It's a Philippino bakery and they have many locations in the valley. I have heard of, but not tried Weinie's bakery in Northridge. The reviews seem to be quite good.

          2. There is a Chinese bakery in Northridge called Weinies, never tried, but reviews seem good. My friends would buy cakes at Goldilocks bakery, which is Philippino. They have this buttercream which is great. They have stores everywhere, just go online.