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May 4, 2007 08:51 AM

Sebastian's Toluca Lake? Anyone tried?

I may be forced to go to Sebastian's on Riverside and was wondering if I should eat before going? We've had such bad experiences in Toluca Lake but my friends want to try this place. Any suggestions? Thnx

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  1. I heard it was horrible. I would walk over to Bob's and get a combo :) or Mo's.

    1. Agree with Stacyface. Bad, bad, just plain bad not to mention overpriced and horribe service.

      Other than that, I guess it's OK. ;-)

      GK in SO

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      1. re: GK in SO

        Thank you for saving my evening~!! I hadn't been on that property since it was the King's Castle (moat and all...) and now I am not going there for certain.

        1. re: SinDee

          Wow, a moat, how cool!! Obviously, the food wasn't good when it was King's either.

          You know, some restaurant locations are just cursed and no matter what goes in there: 1) the food just stinks, and 2) ultimately go out of business, just to let the next failure come in the door. Well, this is obviously one of those locations!

          GK in SO

          1. re: GK in SO

            Sorry to say, the menu is pretty cool, but the servers could care less and we will never go back.