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Mom-in-law in town. Any great Kosher delis still in Brooklyn?


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  1. i hear jay & lloyd's on avenue U is really good but i've never been. some people really love mill basin deli on ave. T but i'm not a huge fan.

    1. Real Kosher or Kosher Style? For real kosher go to Essex on Coney (Coney Island Avenue, corner of Avenue J). Excellent pastrami, corned beef, onion rings, most things - just keep in mind, real kosher = closed sundown Friday night until sundown Saturday night.
      If you need other kosher options, here's a good listing -

      Kosher style, Jay & Lloyd's is just okay, you'd be better off waiting until you can get to Essex or even Katz's in Manhattan.

      *(just someone who takes their deli a little too seriously).

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        There's also Adelman's on Kings Highway off of Ocean. It's not in Katz's league, but it should suffice.

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          Keep in mind that if you're looking for real kosher, Katz may not fit the bill, since it is open on Shabbos.

        2. i've yet to try it, but sietsema has given favorable mention to gottlieb's on roebling in williamsburg.

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            Jay & Lloyds and or the Mill Basin Deli would not be recommendations

            Essex on Coney is good, I prefer Adelman's

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              This is the latest post on Gottlieb's. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/382688 You should post your question on that board too!!!

            2. Thanks to everyone who took the time to help with this search. I'll report back!
              All the best...

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                Jay and Lloyd's IS kosher NOT kosher-style. They are open 7 days per week but adhere to kasthruth standards meaning all meat is strictly kosher and there are no dairy items served. This is truly hemishe place-Jay or Lloyd hover over their loyal customers to be sure all is perfect and rectify any problems with a smile.

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                  I would say you are mistaken as to J&L being Kosher. They MUST CLOSE on the SABBATH. Hopefully a knowledgeable Kosher member will verify.

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                    it all depends if they have someone who is willing to certify them as kosher -an example 2nd ave deli - is kosher but opern 24 hours - depending on your acceptance of who certifies will determine whether you consider it kosher 'enough'

                2. Jay and Lloyd's and Mill Basin Kosher- both good, we prefer mill basin. essex on coney is ok too, but a drag to deal with the vibe in there. both jay and lloyd's and mill basin are family type places and treat their customers very well. this goes a LONG way in enjoyment of a Kosher deli. and yes, both Jay and Lloyd's and Mill Basin have hekshers but ARE open on shabbis. so very frum or glatt jews would not eat there, i almost never see anyone with a yarmulke in there, but the kosher meat and lack of milchik foods makes it more than Kosher "Style", which is Katz's. i do believe at Katz's you can get cheese on your pastrami (disgusting...). mill basin wins in brooklyn imho

                  1. We have long been fans of the Mill Basin Deli. Their pastrami, corned beef and chicken soup are delicious. The tables also have the obligatory pickles and cole slaw with free refills. We recently tried Jay and Lloyds and were very disappointed. It seemed that they were more concerned with schtick than with the food.

                    For my money, it's the Mill Basin Deli, hands down. One thing though, take a sweater as they always turn the A.C. up to stun.