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May 4, 2007 08:49 AM

Chicken Noodle Soup

I need to pick up some soup for a sick friend on the upper east side. I work in west midtown. Any recommendations between those two hoods for chicken soup?

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  1. Cafe Edison on 47th between b'way and 8th has great chicken noodle soup. I often get it to go (order at the counter) and have always been satisfied. Not quite like my grandmother's but really good.

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      Whenever I have a hankering for chicken noodle soup, I usually go with International Poultry Company. There's one in my hood (54rh and 1st) and I think there's also one in MWest. But I'm not sure where. A quick menupages search will find one for you though.

    2. East Side Poultry on 1st betw. 79th and 80th. You can take a container of either clear chicken broth or "chicken in a pot" with chicken and veggies and they pack separately noodles and matzoh balls if you choose.

      1. Brooklyn Diner. Best in the city.

        1. How far up on the east side are you going? P.J. Bernstein's is at 1215 Third Ave., between 70th & 71st Streets. I like their chicken soup a lot. With noodles and/or matzoh balls.

          1. I really love the (pricey) chicken matzoh ball soup at EAT.