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May 4, 2007 08:48 AM

What happened to our dear, wonderful Tost in Park Slope?


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  1. I ate there a few weeks ago -- had the cheese fondue and a delicious salad. It was terrific as always, especially the mascarpone dessert.

    1. It's gone! We were heartbroken. I was hoping someone would know what happened. It was a little treasure of a place.

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      1. re: peacenow

        I just walked by it this evening and saw the big For Rent sign. Very sad. There is a phone number posted on the door, presumably by the owners, in case anyone has "further inquiries."

        1. re: Susan Hope

          It is very sad, rather a favorite place for us. The panino with sopressata, fontina, arugola and white truffle oil was one of my very favorite bites in the Slope. In fact it was that very sandwich which prompted me to buy my own bottle of white truffle oil. The service was never an issue when we were there. They may have fallen prey to rising rent and maybe they will be able to open somewhere else. Too bad.

        2. re: peacenow

          Apparently, the chef was pretty disingenuous to the investing partner. The investor was forced to take the chef/managing partner to court and sue for fraud and breach of contract. That was last fall....and I guess things didn't last too much longer after that. I worked for the law firm that handled the case and it was sad to know what was happening. What’s worse is I’ll never be able to have another sopressata, fontina, arugola and white truffle oil panini….it was simply wonderful.

        3. They seemed to keep such erratic hours. They were hardly ever open when I walked by, so I had assumed they'd gone out of business over a year ago; I bet other people thought the same thing, which led to their actually closing.

          It's a shame, 'cause it was such a cute little place to grab a bite and a drink, even if the service was always slow, I never really minded.

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          1. re: jennitrixie

            I agree that the hours were a huge problem. A sandwich shop, which in reality Tost was, should be open for lunch. This place decided to open for lunch either during certain phases of the moon, or only on alternating days that begin with the letter T. And as for dinner, I would head over there hoping to catch a meal after 9PM, and one out of every three tries, I succeeded. After a while, I simply gave up.

            1. re: PAL

              i always felt it was probably second only to 'ino for italian panini and cheese.

              i posted on here a few months back that the space was for rent (on the corcoran website) but i think the moderator took it down.

              1. re: sam1

                Yeah, I forgot to mention that when I was able to eat there, it was excellent. Great crusty bread, quality meats, and an oddly addictive, lightly dressed and seasoned salad.

                Nothing against Anthony's and Steinhof, but we need some more quality lunch options in South Slope. Once again tomorrow I'll have to meet my father for lunch in another neighborhood. It's such a shame that Kitchen Bar went so far downhill that it's probably hanging on somewhere near 3rd Avenue by now. I see the big shiny Sysco truck parked out in front, on its way to Applebees I'm sure, and let out a sigh of disappointment.

          2. That sucks. I remember reading that it was for sale, but after nothing happened for a long while, I thought we were OK. I went there twice early last week or late the week before. I agree with another poster that it was one of the best places besides 'ino to get a quality panino. Great salad dressing too.

            1. The place never seemed busy and the sandwiches were skimpy on the ingredients. I had the parma ham (?) and it was like two thin slices.