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May 4, 2007 08:41 AM

Wild Salmon? (downtown-ish)

Hi folks. A quick and (hopefully easy?) question,

Is there anywhere downtown that you can buy wild salmon?

I've looked all through Kensington and even some stalls at the St. Lawrence to no avail! After reading recently about the issues behind farmed salmon I've decided to try and cut it out, but I'd love to be able to continue eating salmon of the wild variety.



(for those interested:


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  1. did you check the south market at St. Lawrence, I've been there a few times, and there always seems to be wild salmon available....

    Pisces market (1103 yonge) would have it, but be prepared, they can get pretty expensive. Whole Foods in Hazelton Lanes, Yorkville... again pricey.

    hmm this doesn't seem very helpful, maybe someone else has a better idea for more affordable spots.

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    1. re: antifoodie

      Thanks for reading between the lines on my post anti -- cost is certainly a factor. I'll double check the St. Lawrence this weekend, but must avoid Whole Foods.. i can't stand the place.

      Anyone else? Perhaps I missed somewhere in Kensington? Chinese or Portuguese local shops I don't know about?

      1. re: ryth

        I'm pretty sure the "sushi grade" salmon at Bill's Lobster is wild. They are renovating but should be open by Saturday.

        map and address here:

        1. re: foodyDudey

          newport on dupont sometimes as it

      2. re: antifoodie

        I purchased wild salmon at Mike's, in the south market on the upper floor a few times about a year ago. There was never a problem finding it, but yeah, it was quite a bit more expensive, which is mainly why we haven't bought it lately, even though it definitely tastes better and has a nice dark red look to it.

      3. I know this is way out of your request area but for other chowhounds and perhaps one day you'll be up in Thornhill...

        Based on intell from this board I found The Fisherman's Brother and got the most beautiful side of Organic Irish Salmon for a great price. They are have wild west coast salmon when in season.

        1. my neighbour whupped up some wild sockeye salmon he'd picked up at st.lawrence market just a few weeks ago

          1. Anybody know the season for wild salmon? I've read 8 months, but is it less expensive at certain times? I don't expect it to be cheap.
            To the OP, I did the same as you a few years ago (cut out farmed salmon for whale-hugger and other environmental reasons). What I do is eat some canned salmon (generally canned is wild) for the health aspects, and allow myself farmed fresh salmon very rarely. I don't necessarily trust salmon labelled wild at my grocery store anyway...

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            1. re: julesrules

              The season for BC wild salmon is July and August only. I'm not sure where stores are sourcing it at other times of the year. Note that during the season, Loblaws sells fresh wild salmon at great prices.

              Does anyone know where wild salmon comes from at other times?

              1. re: garlicscapes

                The Copper River salmon (Alaska) is pretty much over by July. Peaks in June.

            2. I regularly purchase wild salmon at Domenic's at the St. Lawrence South Market.

              As far as the Irish organic salmon mentioned by another poster, you should know that it's farmed. Farmed Organic. Kind of an oxymoron really.