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May 4, 2007 07:51 AM

The best fromagerie in Paris?

Perhaps I should change this to "the most consumer friendly cheese shop in Paris?" I know there are many amazing cheese shops in Paris everywhere you turn, but I am interested in visiting a cheese shop where I can sit and have a little degustation of my purchases. I believe Androuet offered this in the past. Has anyone been recently that has any suggestions?

Just for kicks, what are some of your favorite French cheeses?

I love fromage d'Affinois myself and milder, creamy blues like Montbriac.

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  1. Among the best ones, but no degustation 'sur place': Marie-Anne Cantin, 7th arr.

    Also in the 7th:
    Barthélémy, 51, Rue de Grenelle and Crèmerie Quatrehomme , 62, Rue de Sèvres.

    Get a couple of small portions (in general, you can have 50 gr, not quite 2 oz), half or a whole baguette and a bottle of wine. And you're set.
    'Du vin, du pain et du Boursin', that was a famous saying by Boursin decades ago.

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      Aleoisse Shop in the 17th on rue Poncelet.

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        I will whole heartedly second Dodo's recommendations of Marie-Anne Cantin and Barthelemy.

      2. I had good luck at a little cheese shop on Boulevard St. Germain, near Place Maubert and the Maubert-Mutualite metro stop. I think they had absolutely every French cheese available, and were happy to help me sort through which ones were mild vs. strong, goat vs. cow, etc.

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          Fromagerie des Carmes at Place Maubert was bought by Laurent Dubois, a Meilleur des Fromage ,late 2006. Place was and is still great, but now at much higher prices. Dubois's primary location is 25 meters from Dupleix metro stop on Rue Lourmel; Sells a comtè about 7 years old there, that is as good as it gets

        2. La Fromagerie 31, 64 r de Seine, has tasting plates for around 10E.

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            I'll second this recommendation. They have cheese tasting plates where you can select the cheeses you want to try from their selection in the case. There is a very tiny sitting area inside, but during the day, they put a couple tables out on the sidewalk.

            I'll also "third" Alleosse in the 17th on rue Poncelet. I go there all the time for my cheese. They are always very friendly, put up with my foreigner French accent, and are more than willing to give me advice or even let you try a piece of cheese before you buy it to help you choose. Plus, they are one of the few fromageries in Paris who has its own caves here in the city (

            My favourite cheeses are roquefort carles and chevre saint maure.

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              We forgot La Ferme Saint Hubert, next to Madeleine. And there is also a great cheese chop in the rue des Martyrs, facing Delmontel and the rue Navarin.

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              Sadly, Fromagerie 31 is closed. The rents in that district seem to be prohibitively high for any practical stores. Soon the vegetable shop, and then the butcher. Next nothing but high priced chocolate.

            3. I don't know about "sitting" but the Fromagerie Vacroux Et Fils located at 5, rue Daguerre in the 14th is wonderful. There are many, many lovely food shops nearby.

              1. La Ferme St. Hubert, on rue Vignon, right around the corner from Fauchon. There is a tiny restaurant attached to the cheese shop.

                If you go there, be sure to visit the honey store across the street - - all different kinds of honey from around France, along with honey candy, honey toiletries, etc.

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                  Ferme St. Hubert is no longer in business, I believe.

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                    We visit Ferme St. Hubert at its current rue Rochechouart location. Lovely people, fine cheeses. We have frequently found 4 year old comté. Always pick up a green eppoise to bring home.


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                      Daniel Rose steered me to Ferme St Hubert, not even for the cheeses but for the beurre Bordier aux Algues. (I have since found the latter closer to home, on rue des Martyrs at Papilles Gourmandes.)
                      As good as Ferme St Hubert is, am still faithful to my Cheese Guy at the Friday afternoon market at Place d'Anvers. MCG is very easy to find. He is on a wheelchair. His stand is the northernmost stand in the market. There is always a long queue, but he still loves to yak. People come from the "burbs to buy his chavignol. He'd ask each patron: "firm? Less firm? 2 weeks? 3 weeks?"
                      My husband even wrote about MCG:

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                        Do you know how I can contact someone at Ferme St. Hubert? I can't seem to locate any information online.

                        I went to college in San Diego with Christoph Voy. His family owned the shop on rue Vignon and I was fortunate enough to attend a few private after hour parties there back in 1989-1990. I've lost touch with him over the years, and would like to reconnect. Do you know if the rue Rochechouart location is owned by the Voys?

                        I have some great memories of that place and would love to bring my family back for a visit.

                        1. re: ocfoodguy

                          How about locating the information online from mangeur's post above?

                          1. re: dietndesire

                            What a thrill, indeed! Thank you very much for the information!

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                            "Do you know if the rue Rochechouart location is owned by the Voys?"

                            Yes. Call the shop at +33(0)1 45 53 15 77. What a thrill.