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May 4, 2007 07:50 AM

Recommend Ghanaian Restaurant?

I have an out of town friend coming to the City who is eager to eat really good, authentic Ghanaian food, as she has been unable to get it where she lives in NC. Any recommendations? I'm in the LES so if its in town, great, but we'll happily head north if the food is good!


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    1. There is one place in Harlem that serves Ghana/Ivory Coast food. Super-friendly staff. It's called Florence's, on Frederick Douglass Ave. between 113th and 144th Sts.

      There is also an excellent place in the Bronx called Aziza way up on White Plains Road right off the 2 train. It is a combination restaurant-African DVD rental-fabric store-"natural pharmacy." The food is very authentic (no menu -- you sort of just ask them to make things for you or ask them what is good), and the immigrants from Ghana and surrounding areas are always stopping in to rent/watch DVDs or buy stuff. The cooks, who are also the store owners, are very friendly (last time I went in one of them sat down with me and showed me a Nigerian magazine, and we looked through it together, her explaining the significance of all the dresses and head wraps).

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        how is their fufu, banku, wakye, jolof rice, and kenkey?

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          I'd be interested in knowing about their peanut butter soup as well.

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        1. As mentioned, Florence's. Here's the link: I've gone back since the review I wrote on that thread and liked it just as much.

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