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May 4, 2007 07:50 AM

vegetarian in new orleans

Visiting New Orleans for the first time. I'm generally a vegetarian, although I will eat seafood. Anywhere I should really try? I live in New York, so I can get all kinds of regular vegetarian food at home, but would like to find somwhere that serves Cajun style veggie. Any thoughts?


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  1. There is really very little which I would call Cajun (as in authentic) which is also vegetarian.

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      But every Cajun and Creole place in town has excellent seafood options - shrimp, crawfish, crab, catfish, etc. If you eat fish, you will have no trouble finding great meals.

    2. New Orleans does not serve Cajun food as a rule. Our food is Creole.

      1. The Gumbo Shop on Toulouse, in the Quarter, offers a special vegetarian gumbo, called Gumbo Z'Herbes. It was a traditional Lenten dish, but the chef there, Richard Stewart, developed a completely Vegan version, using smoked mushrooms to give it a hearty taste. True Creoles raise an eyebrow, but some here welcome innovation.

        Also, there's a place uptown near Tipitina's called Dick and Jennie's. They have a vegetarian Lasagna that's better than any meated one I've ever had.

        1. My partner is vegetarian and eats seafood so we had no problems in New Orleans fing great food. I second the rec on the Gumbo Shop, we ate there twice during our 5 day visit and a vegetarian friend just went there while on a business trip and enjoyed their vegetarian gumbo.

          1. I got a good laugh out of your post: I can't think of a single cajun-style vegetable dish that doesn't involve meat in some way (bacon grease, salt pork, diced andouille sausage, tasso, ham hocks, etc). I can't cook so much as a pot of beans without "seasoning meat," and my grandmother's favorite carrot dish involved a whole lot of minced beef. In some ways, it's almost like a chinese approach to certain veggies: a tiny bit of highly flavored meat is used to infuse the entire dish.

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              Thank you, Celeste! I believe we are on the same page. My daughter is a vegan, and there is not one traditional Cajun dish that I can offer her except sweet potatoes. And then I have to substitute for butter!